The Enigma Of The Universe : Einstein’s Universe

Published: 23.10.2014

The model of the universe suggested by Einstein, which is dependent on the theory of expanding universe, also considers the universe to be beginningless and endless. We have already quoted the views of scientists stating that our universe is infinite in the dimension of time running from the infinite past into the infinite future;[1] and that in Einstein’s cylindrical world the time dimension is uncurved and so may extend to infinity.

Sir A.S. Eddington, explaining the infinity of time dimension in Einstein’s world, writes: “The world is closed in its space dimensions like a sphere but it is open at both ends in the time dimension. There is a bending round by which east ultimately becomes west but no bending by which before ultimately becomes after.”[2]

Another writer Richard Hughes concludes his articles on “Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics” thus: “It follows from this that the time-dimension cannot come round full circle as we imagine space to do. By going for enough into the future we shall never reach the past. And yet it is not necessary to imagine that time either had a beginning or must have an end.”[3]

Thus, it becomes clear that the universe, according to the cosmological theory of Einstein, is eternal running from infinite past to infinite future.


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