The Enigma Of The Universe : Equivalence of Gravitation and Inertia

Published: 18.09.2014

From the above imaginary experiments, Einstein deduced what is called as the 'Principle of Equivalence of Gravitation and Inertia'. This principle states: "It is impossible to distinguish between the motion generated by inertial forces (such as centrifugal force, force producing uniform acceleration) and that by gravita­tional force."[1]

This is as shown above, due to the fact that the effects of a gravitational field are precisely the same as those due to uniform acceleration of the material frame of reference relative to which the phenomena are observed, this acceleration being equal and opposite to the acceleration which the gravitational field would give to a particle in the frame.[2]


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Title: The Enigma Of The Universe Publisher: JVB University Ladnun English Edition: 2010 HN4U Online Edition: 2014

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