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The Enigma Of The Universe : Dr. Gamow’s Evolutionary Universe

Published: 14.10.2014

A theory analogous to that of Abbe Lemaitre was made public some years ago by Dr. George Gamow. According to this view, more than five billion years ago, the matter of the universe was squeezed into the super dense superheated sphere of nuclear fluid seething at unimaginable temperatures, such as no longer exist even in the interiors of stars (of the order of 15 billion degrees absolute). There were no elements, no molecules, no atoms, nothing but free neutrons,[1] in a state of chaotic agitation. The sphere had a radius of about 10 million kilometer and the density of the fluid was 1014 times the density of water (i.e.1014 gm/cm2).

However this extra dense state did not last very long. Rapid expansion brought the density down to a million times (106  gm/ cm3) the density of water within the first two seconds and to that of water density within a few hours. With the expansion of mass, the temperature also came down to one billion degrees absolute within the first five minutes. At this time, the neutrons condensed into aggregates, electrons were emitted which attached themselves to nuclei, and atoms were formed. All the elements were thus created within the space of a few critical moments in the cosmic dawn, and are playing their part since then, in the expanding universe.[2] Approximately at the time when the density of the mass was equal to that of water, the previously compressed gas must have been broken into separate gaseous spheres that now constitute individual stars. These stars being pulled apart by the progressing expansion broke up later into separate stellar clouds which we call galaxies and which are still receding from one another in the unknown depths of the universe. Dr. George Gamow verified his view that the present chemical constitution of our universe was decided in half an hour, five billion years ago, by examining the fission products, produced during the explosion of atomic bomb in 1953 in Nevada.[3]

Thus according to the theory of Evolutionary Universe of Dr. Gamow, the present constitution of the universe is about 5 billion years old.


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Title: The Enigma Of The Universe Publisher: JVB University Ladnun English Edition: 2010 HN4U Online Edition: 2014

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