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The Enigma Of The Universe : 3. The Expanding Universe

Published: 10.10.2014

The assumption that the Einsteinian model might be a true picture of the actual Universe was in a few years’ time found to be very questionable. The first objection came from the side of observational astronomy.[1]  With the help of the high-power telescopes, the scientists observed a strange phenomenon. When they studied the motion of the distant galaxies in the external parts of the universe, they observed that the galaxies were moving away from one another, or in other words, it appeared to them as if the universe was expanding in a similar way in which a balloon expands when filled with air. This expanding phenomenon has presented a fresh enigma to the scientists.


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Title: The Enigma Of The Universe Publisher: JVB University Ladnun English Edition: 2010 HN4U Online Edition: 2014

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