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The Enigma Of The Universe : Different Interpretations

Published: 12.10.2014

But the above interpretation was not accepted by some scientists and hence it can be said that theory of expanding universe is not accepted by all scientists.  “Some explain the spectral shift by the theory of relativity, i.e. it is an effect of the curvature of space. Some explain it by the fact that light loses energy during its long course by leak of ‘photons’[1].

The doubtfulness of the theory of expanding universe can be seen from the words of famous physicist Sir James Jeans, “But there is room for a good deal of doubt as to whether these huge speeds are real or not. They have not been obtained by any direct process of measurement.”[2] Further, he writes, “The only reason for thinking that the distant nebulae are receding from us is that the light we receive from them appears redder than it ought normally to be. Yet other things than speed are capable of reddening light, for instance, sunlight is reddened by the mere weight of the sun, it is reddened   still more by the pressure of the sun’s atmosphere, as we see at sunrise or sunset. The light emitted by certain stars of a different kind is reddened in a mysterious way we do not yet understand. Furthermore on De Sitter’s theory of the universe, distance alone produced a reddening of light so that even if the distant nebulae were standing still in space, their light would appear unduly red, and we should be tempted to infer that they were receding from us.”[3]

Another explanation is given by Dr. Zwicky of California Institute. According to him, when radiation passes a large mass, such as nabulae or a star, not only it is deflected by the gravitational pull of the mass, but also deflects the mass to a small extent as a result of which it loses energy. The loss in energy, according to the quantum theory, means a diminution in the frequency of light, and hence, it looks redder. Later, experiments on the light from a number of globular clusters were made by ten Bruggancate, which confirmed Zwicky’s theory. There are many other evidences, which suggest that the recessions of nebulac may be spurious.[4]


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Title: The Enigma Of The Universe Publisher: JVB University Ladnun English Edition: 2010 HN4U Online Edition: 2014

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