An Introduction To Jainism ► [09] Creation

Posted: 04.12.2008

Many a questions have been raised about the creation: Who created this world? When and how it took its shape? What is the basic substance that it is made of? How does it sustain when there is a constant process of change? Different philosophical schools have answered these questions in their own way. The Jain Philosophy has also discussed the problem of creation.

According to Jain-Philosophers, the world is not a creation of anybody called God. It exists there since infinity. It would remain forever. The creation is neither solely consisting of the physical order of existence nor solely of the non-physical (or psychical) order of existence. When these two interact, they take a certain form, which is this creation. It is beginingless. No new matter or soul can be added to what exists nor anything can be subtracted from it. The interaction of jīva & ajīva manifests itself into varied forms like colours, shape etc.. It is due to the vyañjana paryāya of jīva.

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