An Introduction To Jainism ► [10] Three Spiritual Gems

Posted: 05.12.2008

Jain philosophy is essentially a philosophy of Emancipation.

According to the Jain philosophy, there are three factors leading to emancipation:

1. Right faith
2. Right knowledge
3. Right conduct

These three are (Spiritual) Gems for salvation. Right faith, right knowledge and right conduct separately cannot lead to emancipation. But the integration of these three can lead to it.

Right faith is the foundation of our spiritual practice. By eliminating the faith-deluding karma, one can develop the power of right faith or view.

Only to know the object is not the objective of right knowledge. The primary goal of knowledge is to know oneself. All living beings have knowledge. One who has the knowledge of the self can have the knowledge of the objective world. Only through right knowledge one can make distinction between consciousness and unconsciousness.

To practise Mahavratas (great vows) is the right condu t The essence of right knowledge is right conduct. It means putting into practice the truth you have realized by right knowledge and inner experience. The three jewels together pave the path towards the ultimate emancipation which is freedom from the karmasamskāra, passions and the cessation of the influx of karmas.

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