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Posted: 31.12.2008

There is a popular 'Mantra" which has been accepted by both the divisions of Jains, Śvetāmbara as well as Digambara. It is called "Namaskāra Mahāmantra":

Ṇamo Arahaṃtāṇaṃ
Ṇamo Siddhāṇaṃ
Ṇamo Āyariyāṇaṃ
Ṇamo Uvajjhāyāṇaṃ
Ṇamo Loe Savva Sāhūṇaṃ

  • Ṇamo Arahaṃtāṇaṃ means I bow my head to Arhats. Arhats or the Adorable Ones are the role models or ideals who have attained unlimited knowledge, unlimited intuition unlimited energy and unlimited bliss by destroying the four Ghāti Karmas.

  • Ṇamo Siddhāṇaṃ means I bow my head to Siddhas - the Liberated Souls who have destroyed all the eight karmas and obtained emancipation.

  • Ṇamo Āyariyāṇaṃ means I bow my head to the Ācāryas (Preceptors) who are the symbol of the right conduct, and act as the leaders of the religious order.

  • Ṇamo Uvajjhāyānam means I bow my head to the Upādhyāyas (well versed scholars of the Scriptures). He is the very embodiment of knowledge, and bears the responsibility of teaching monks and nuns in the Order.

  • Ṇamo Loe Savva Sāhūnam means I bow my head to all the monks who have accepted the five Mahāvratas; viz., non-violence, truth, non-stealing, celibacy and non-possession.

All the Jain followers recite this Mantra and achieve the desired goal. It can be seen that it is entirely free from "personal adoration", and hence, can serve as a "Universal" mantra.

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