An Introduction To Jainism: [31] Equanimity

Published: 30.12.2008

Who is superior? Male or female? - Since ancient times this question has been asked. It was supposed that male is superior to female. Men always made women dance on their tunes. In ancient times, females were treated badly and cruelly. It was Lord Mahāvīra who gave equal importance to males and females. Mahāvīra was the first person who initiated women in his order.

In Buddhist religion, Anand requested Buddha to initiate Gautami. But he rejected his idea and said, 'If I would initiate women in the order it will be destroyed'. Later on, when insisted, Buddha agreed, but unwillingly.

Mahāvīra went against the prevailing social norms and uplifted the fair sex, as a result that the nuns outnumbered the monks. Historical records show that there were 14000 monks and 36000 nuns in Mahāvīra's order.


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