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Glory of Jainism: Karma Shah

Published: 11.10.2012


Karma Shah

Tolashah of Chittod had immense agony. The glory and sanctity of the Shri Shatrunjaya Tirth that he used to worship everyday in the morning was being defiled at the hands of the foreigners. In the moment Tolashah came to know that Ahmmad Sikandar, son of Mohmmad Begado, had damaged and destroyed "derasar" and other idols of Shatrunjaya Tirth, he became restless. His deep religious faith prompted him eagerly to remove such severe impurity in the great place of pilgrimage. Tolashah’s sixth and the youngest son Karmashah was a witness to his father’s agony and he also began to contemplate as to when would he be able to undertake renovation of the place of pilgrimage and restore its holy sanctity.And it so happened that Acharya Ratnasinhsuri told Tolashah to forget his agony about the Shatrunjaya Tirth because his son was to fulfill that task.

At that time Upadhyay Vinaymandan was frequently giving sermons to Karmashah about the Shatrunjaya Tirth. In the meantime, Acharya Shri Vijaydansuriji arrived at Chittod and he also inspired Karmashah for this great task. In 1583, Bahadursha was made the Sultan of Gujarat. Prior to becoming the emperor of Gujarat, Bahadursha had enjoyed Tolashah’s hospitality. On having a small quarrel with his father, Prince Bahadursha had come and stayed with Tolasha for some days and this had resulted in close friendship between Bahadursha and Karmashah. While going to Gujarat from Chittod, he asked for some money to meet the expenses on way and Karmashah gave him rupees one lakh unconditionally. As Karmashah came to know about Bahadursha’s installation as the Sultan of Gujarat, he came to Ahmedabad to pay a courtesy call. The Sultan welcomed him with great respect and repaid Rupees one lakh that he had borrowed from him. Moreover he inquired if there was anything that he could do for him, since he was greatly obliged of Karmashah. Karmashah told that it was his strong desire to install an idol of his Lord at the Shri Shatrunjaya Tirth, in that connection he requested for the royal permission. The Sultan issued an order to that effect. From Ahmedabad Karmashah left for Cambay (Khambhat) and informed Upadhyay Shri Vinaymandanji about the incident and requested him to come to the Shatrunjaya Tirth. Karmashah led the shree sangh to Palitana. Khan Mazadkhan, the suba (governor of a province) of Sorath was unwilling that glory of Shri Shatrunjaya Tirth should be re-established but his displeasure did not prevail against the order of the Sultan. Upadhyay Vinaymandanji came to Palitana together with an assemblage of monks and nuns. The work of renovation of the original jin prasad (Jain temple) was carried out; simultaneously the mammani stone that was retained by chief minister Vastupal was dug out and an idol of Tirthankar Bhagwan Rishabhdev was carved out of that special stone. Karmashah along with chha ri sangh (a congregation on pilgrimage practising six special vows) came to Palitana. A grand function was organised for the anjan shalaka (idol installation ceremony) of the jin pratima which was deformed by Ahmmad Sikandar in past. This was replaced by the installation of the new idol of Bhagwan Rishabhadev. It was the sixteenth grand renovation function of Shri Shatrunjaya Tirth and was attended by about ten acharyas including Acharya Somajaya.

Title: Glory Of Jainism

Ashok Saha and Prathana Saha


Shri Anilbhai Gandhi (Trustee),
Palitana - 364270 (India)

Edition: 1998

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