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Glory of Jainism: Nagila

Published: 06.11.2012



Bhavdev, the younger brother, also joined his elder brother Bhavdatta on the path of penance. At that time, the newly married Nagila was richly decorated with clothes and ornaments. Bhavdev told her: "My elder brother's desire is the last word for me. So henceforth I shall live a saintly life rather than of a worldly one." So saying, Bhavdev became a disciple of Susthit Acharya along with his elder brother. Bhavdev spent some of his days in renunciation but when he happened to be lonely he used to remember his bride Nagila's loving face. In fact, he felt her presence in everything around him. In course of time, Mahamuni Bhavdatta passed away. Now Bhavdev thought that only Nagila could console his heart that had been weeping all these days in loneliness. When Bhavdev was alive he could not go to Nagila. But with the death of his elder brother there was no restraining influence on him.

After as many as twelve years, Muni Bhavdev came to his village Sugram and he stayed there in a temple. Nagila came to know about Muni Bhavdev's arrival. She came to know that the Muni was anxious to abdicate his renunciation. Soon she was engrossed in deep serious thoughts. He that escapes from his own religion shall be regarded a coward. Nagila did not want to that to happen and hence she called an old shravika and explained her the entire plan. A child was also trained with some prompting. Early in the morning Nagila came to the temple where Bhavdev was putting up. She had the aged Shravika with her. Anxious to meet Nagila, Bhavdev asked that woman, where Nagila way staying in the village. As was pre-arranged a boy came there just at that time and addressed Nagila: "O mother! I have received an invitation for a meal in the village. There would be some dakshina (money) also after the meal. So I want to vomit out the milk that I have drunk. Later on, after eating and getting my dakshina, I shall lick back the milk that I have vomited."

As he heard this, Muni Bhavdev burst into laughter and said: "O dear child! What a silly talk? Would you lick back the milk that you have vomited? It is very disgusting." To this remark of Bhavdev, Nagila said: "Muniraj! Nagila is myself. Are you again anxious and willing to accept the worldly life that you have already renounced? One rarely gets a horse for riding as you have got; yet why do you want to ride a donkey? Why do you want to abdicate the path of renunciation that you have been following. It is the path that led Shalibhadra, Meghkumar and Dhanna Sheth to the ultimate salvation? Why can't you control your mind which behaves like a mad elephant? You know very well that this is the only way to ensure liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Moreover I am glad to let you know that I have also accepted shilvrat from my guru. I earnestly request you kindly to go back to your "guru" and stick to your path of renunciation." Having listened to such a sincere and appealing sermon from Nagila, Muni Bhavdev went to his guru. In course of time, he became the last Jambuswami having achieved absolute knowledge in avsar pini era.

Title: Glory Of Jainism

Ashok Saha and Prathana Saha


Shri Anilbhai Gandhi (Trustee),
Palitana - 364270 (India)

Edition: 1998

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