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Glory of Jainism: Sheth Javadsha

Published: 24.09.2012


Sheth Javadsha

The ancient city Madhumati in Saurashtra is the present port Mahuva. Javadsha ruled over twelve villages of Mahuva. A gallant warrior he could, it was said, fight a tiger unarmed. Brave Javadsha's wife was Sushiladevi. They were defeated, through deception, by the Muslim soldiers and were taken to their country and treated as slaves. Javadsha and his wife were allowed all liberties except returning to their homeland. Javadsha, Sushiladevi and their son Jagnath were under house arrest on an alien soil. Though they were rolling in wealth and luxuries, they were unhappy for they were captives and had no freedom. Javadsha often remembered his homeland and felt sad, being away from the motherland. He hankered to go back to Madhumati and smear his forehead with her dust.

Once a powerful enemy invaded the land where Javadsha was kept a prisoner. In order to avoid bloodshed, the invaders suggested a duel to decide the victorious side. Javadsha was chosen for the duel and he became victorious and thus saved the honour of the country. Javadsha was endowed with half the kingdom and a princess to marry; but the young wife of the old ruler took fancy to Javadsha. She felt infatuation for him and tried all the tricks to bewitch him but Javdasha could not be moved. He preached her the gospel of religion and her infatuation melted away. Then Javadsha won the heart of the ruler and was allowed to return to the motherland.

Demon Kapardi, at that time, had terrorised the people of Shatrunjaya, a pilgrim centre. He had profaned it through meat-eating and consumption of liquor. His irreligious acts had caused immense pain to the inhabitants. When Javadsha came to know about the terrorism of Kapardi, he vowed to free Shatrunjaya Tirth from his clutches, and to reconstruct the whole town. After a prolonged war of attrition, Kapardi had to surrender and the people heaved a sigh of relief. Jawadsha's bravery helped to get rid of the anti­social and evil elements which had taken possession of Shatrunjaya Tirth.  His valour inspired devotion in many a heart and for which he would be always remembered in the history of Jainism.

Acharya Vajraswami had been trying for many years to salvage the glory of Shatrunjaya Tirth but the demon Kapardi was an obstacle. Now that he had been got rid of, Vajraswami felt relieved. The restoration of the pilgrim centre was accomplished and people from far off places gathered on the auspicious occasion. After years, pilgrims undertook a pilgrimage to Shatrunjaya, the chief of all pilgrim centres. Joys could be seen writ on the faces of Javadsha and Sushiladevi. They both went up the hill and stood, with heads bowed, in front of the Tirthankar. They continued to stand there for a long time while the other pilgrims began descending. It was quite some time when it was found that Javadsha and Sushiladevi had not returned. Some members of the Sangh (congregation on pilgrimage) went up to inquire and to their astonishment they found them immobile in standing postures of praying. After performing the pious act of restoring Shatrunjaya to its pristine glory and eminence, their souls had left for the heavenly abode.

Title: Glory Of Jainism

Ashok Saha and Prathana Saha


Shri Anilbhai Gandhi (Trustee),
Palitana - 364270 (India)

Edition: 1998

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