Published: 25.07.2015
Dhulev, Rishabhdev, धुलेव

Rishabhdev, Rajasthan, India


is situated 65 kilometres (40 mi) from Udaipur and is on Udaipur-Ahmedabad Road.

It is a well-known pilgrim site.

  • Kesariyaji Temple

The main attraction is the temple of Rishabhadeva, the first Jain tirthankara. Local Bhils also worship the deity. Lord Rishabhadeo is also "Kesariaji" because a large offering of saffron (keshar, a common ingredient in Jain rituals) is made to the deity.

  • Gaj Mandir Kesariyaji

Nearby places worth visiting include:

Paglyaji, Rishabh Garden, Patshala Jain temple, Ram Mandir, Emliyachod Hanuman ji, Chandragiri, Bhim Pagalya, Bhattarak Kirti Bhavan, Dadabadi, Peepli temple and vaghuvan.


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  1. Dadabadi
  2. Gaj Mandir
  3. Gaj Mandir Kesariyaji
  4. Jain Temple
  5. Mandir
  6. Rajasthan
  7. Ram
  8. Rishabh
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