Glory of Jainism: Modi's Consort

Published: 07.11.2012



Modi's Consort

There are some outstanding women whose names are written in letters of gold: Chandanbala, Rajimati, Brahmi and Sundari, to name a few. They are remembered for their sterling character and for their piety and devoutness. Their spotless character and innate qualities would deter even the wicked and the evil-minded. It is rightly said:

अमरा किं करायन्ते सिद्धयः सहसंञता।
समिपर्थायिनी सम्पच्छीलालकार शालिनाम्॥

“To one, whose soul is pure and is adorned with sheel (spotless character), even gods  become slaves, and Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, pays obeisance.”

In the history of Jain order the wife of Modi is such a character. The king was hypnotised by her matchless beauty and thought of ways to possess her. Lust made him blind and he lost his reason. He sent her husband, Modi, away on some mission and sent a word to his wife that he would like to be her guest on a particular day.

Modi’s wife was shrewd enough to know the king’s designs. She acceded to the king’s request and made preparations for his welcome. The king arrived and she extended a cordial welcome. She, then, brought the plate in which were placed glasses of different shapes and colours with dudhpak (sweet, boiled milk with spices) in them. The king thought that the content would taste differently, and so he began to taste from each glass, one after the other. But, to his surprise, he discovered that the dudhpak tasted alike. He said: “Why have you served the dudhpak in different containers when there is no difference in taste?” Modi’s wife replied: “O king! You are our protector and we are your children. We look upon you as our father. You must have noticed that though the glasses are different in shapes and colours the content is the same. Similarly, though all women may be different essentially they are all women.”

The king was listening with rapt attention. She continued: “One whose mind is fickle will entertain dirty thoughts of possessing another woman. You know that this woman, whom you crave for, is constituted as other women are.” The king was lost in deep thought. Modi’s wife continued: “O king! Man is born of a woman and therefore any other woman should be treated as mother by him. A son sacrifices his life to protect his mother and a man’s prime concern should be a woman’s protection. One who persecutes her or exploits her does not deserve to be called god’s creation.” The words of Modi’s wife had a salutary effect on the king. He was purged of his evil thoughts and repentance could be read on his face. Modi’s wife further said: “You are like my father as you are the king. For a man every other woman should be treated as mother and therefore I look upon you as my son. I urge you to protect my chastity and give up the evil path.” Hearing these words, the king’s lust melted away and his heart was purified. He asked for her forgiveness and felt a sense of reverence towards Modi’s wife for her innate qualities.

Title: Glory Of Jainism

Ashok Saha and Prathana Saha


Shri Anilbhai Gandhi (Trustee),
Palitana - 364270 (India)

Edition: 1998

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