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Preksa Dhyana - Theory And Practice: [06.20] Benefits - Benefits Of Perception Of Breathing - Energy Generations

Published: 20.05.2007
Updated: 06.08.2008

When we practise dirgha-svasa-preksa, our breathing is complete and scientific, which means that we are tapping the primary source of bio-energy. Perception of breath might appear simple, but it should not be undervalued. It is like pushing the thin end of the wedge, to achieve wider benefits. As our breathing becomes more and more complete, we produce more vital energy; and its perception leads us to its origin. Activating this primary source enables us to obtain unlimited energy. Thus svasa-preksa is a very important means of achieving new and higher stages of consciousness.

Samavrtti-svasa-preksa is also a valuable instrument of developing energy. Psychologists have discovered that higher levels of consciousness can be achieved by samavrtti-svasa-preksa Extra-sensory perception (E.S.P) can be developed by regular practice of samavrtti-svasa-preksa. Many other Para psychological achievements are possible by its practice.

  • Preksa Dhyana - Theory And Practice by Acharya Mahaprajna, © 1994
  • Edited by Muni Mahendra Kumar
  • Translated by Muni Mahendra Kumar, Jethalal Zaveri
  • Published by Jain Vishva Barati, Edition 2003

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