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Jain View Of Life: 1.10 Sound Therapy

Published: 28.11.2011

Sound Therapy

Human life is an invaluable gift of all living beings. The uniqueness of human life consists in its ability to think, transform and realize infinite power of the soul. Towards this end, if one bends all his energies, then one can achieve as he or she desires. There are important centers of spiritual power which lie within seed form. If they are awakened, one can be transformed and flooded with the fountain of such extra-ordinary divine power.

The central nervous system is an extremely wonderful and powerful mechanism having magnetic quality, potentiality, and endowed with tremendous powers. It acts as a switch-board for incoming impulses from receptors and outgoing impulses to effectors. It is the seat of higher consciousness. The cranio-spinal nerves, which it includes, consist of twelve pairs of cranial nerves, which are connected to the brain, and thirty-one pairs of spinal nerves rooted in the spinal cord.

The back-bone is the foundation of the body. It is constituted by thirty-three small bone pieces (vertebra) which contain divine power. A lot of energy is centered in them. According to physiology there are several channels in this hollow spinal cord. Ida, pingala, and Sushamna are the main ones. Electrical invisible current flow there in. Ida is negative charge, known as chandra nadi, and pingala is a positive charge, known as surya nadi. These charges are known as cold and hot currents respectively. When these two charges join, sushamna starts to flow. This is the best time for performing spiritual activity. If a man concentrates his mind on the nervous system with ones whole energy, a great amount of energy can be generated by the utterance of special kinds of sounds.


Objective of Sound Utterance

A person is endowed with unlimited power. If he awakens it, he becomes an enlightened soul. There are so many ways for awakening infinite power. The utterance of sounds is one of them.

Vocal repetition of Arham, Hrim, Om, and Mahaprana Dhvani are powerful tools for awakening latent power. Sound waves create armour against outside forces, protecting one from the onslaught of external evil forces. Its repetition helps to harmonize the mind, body, and emotions. Arham is a uniquely spelled word. It is the short form of the Mahamantra. All the vowels and consonants abide in Sanskrit alphabet in Arham. The first vowel in Sanskrit alphabet is "a", and the last consonants is "h". In this sound "Arham", all the power of the mantra are mystically present. Arham has been framed systematically by selecting special words. Arham means veetaraga (no attachment and no hatred). The consciousness without attachment and without aversion is called pure consciousness. Recitation of Arham dhvani develops the feeling of veetaragata. It produces peculiar vibrations. Arham and Mahaprana sounds effect not only on the physical level but upon mental and emotional levels as well.

Physiological Effects of Sound Vibrations

Dr. Laser Lasario has established the importance of sound vibrations after twenty-five years of scientific study.

The sound vibrations influence the entire chest cavity, including the rib cage. These vibrations reach the air-alveoli, stimulate and revitalize the pulmonary cells. Sound vibrations also reverberate in the brain. They vibrate and rejuvenate the cranial nerves. Furthermore, it also effectuates and revitalizes cells, tissues and nerve cells massaging the internal organs and circulating blood efficiently.

Dr. Hutchinson of America has achieved success in curing several patients through musical sound vibrations. These patients were suffering from incurable and painful diseases. Several miracles had also been seen in ancient times regarding sound effect of Deepak Raga that kindles lamp. Malhar Raga brings rain. The melody created by playing the flute makes snakes waver. Cows yield more milk due to melodious sound vibrations.

Mental Effect of Sound Vibrations

The sound vibrations produce soothing electromagnetic waves on the mental level. Recent study of physiologist shows that sound waves profoundly effectuate the endocrine system making mental states, emotions and behavior patterns of man right and sound. If the subtle gland of any person is diseased or destroyed, this also can be cured. Its vibrations help to establish a more balanced equilibrium between sympathetic and parasympathetic system. That is why its repetitions are exemplary and extraordinary for purifying oneself.

Aum and Hrim

Aum is the seat of five supreme beings. The word Aum is made of five letters, i.e. a + a + a + u + m = Aum in Sanskrit. The first letter, "a" is for Arihanta. The second letter "a" is for Ashariri (liberated souls). The third letter "a" is for Acharya. The fourth "u" is for Upadhyaya, and the fifth letter "m" is for Muni. Thus, all the five letters put together, contrive Aum. It is a divine, melodious, and spontaneous sound. Some Acharya defines Aum in this way that "a" is for right knowledge, "u" is for right faith, and "m" is for right conduct. These three pious words constitute the path to emancipation.

The recitation of Aum helps in developing vital force, purifies consciousness, and liberates oneself from the cycle of birth and death. It also effectuates the entire system especially the heart.


Hrim is the mystical seed mantra. It is also the seat of five benedictions representing infinite energy. Concentrate your mind on the center of intuition and produce the sound Hrim. By this utterance one can develop intuition increasing self-discipline.

How to utter Arham Sounds.

Sit in a noiseless, secluded place that has a calm and quiet atmosphere. Sit in a comfortable posture keeping the backbone straight. Place hands in the lap slightly pressing on the navel keeping the right hand above the left. This posture is known as Brahma Mudra. Close the lips, have teeth in their normal place, and softly close the eyes. The body arid the mind should be relaxed; all muscles should be loose.

Inhale deeply for about four to five seconds. While exhaling slowly and concentrating on the navel, produce the sound "a" for about two seconds with exhalation. Produce the sound "rha" concentrating on the center of bliss (situated near the heart) for about four seconds. And lastly, taking conscious mind from the throat to the cranium produce the sound "mmm" resonating like the buzzing of a bee. Be silent for about two seconds and then begin again. Repeat this nine times.

The Sound of Mahaprana Dhvani

Select a posture and hand position. Close the lips, place teeth in the normal position, and close eyes softly. Keep spine and neck in a straight position. Loosen the muscles and be calm. Inhale deeply for about five seconds concentrating the mind on the center of knowledge situated on the top of the head. Keep lips closed. Produce the sound m-m-m with exhalation. It should last for about ten seconds. The sound is like the humming of a bee. Inhale deeply and repeat this nine times.

A minimum of nine times has to be done daily. This takes about five minutes, just as the pendulum of a clock keeps on creating movement by swinging to and fro, similarly go on generating vibrations to cleansing yourself.

Benefits of Utterances of Sound

In Arham, "a" is articulated from the throat, "rha" from the cerebrum, "h" from the larynx, and "m" from the lips. "A" influences the thyroid gland, which is responsible for metabolism. Its secretions affect the mind also. "Rha" influences the frontal lobe of the brain; it is the location of the hypothalamus in the language of physiology. It is the central point of the subtle body and the gross body. It is the place of feeling. The utterance of "m" influences the lips known as the udana vital power. Whereas Mahaprana Dhvani mainly affects the cranium increasing memory power and awakens dormant centers of the body. It makes the voice sweet and smooth and provides a massage to the chest and brain.

Both sounds create a suitable environment for the meditation and make breathing long and deep. Both sounds increase concentration power, energy, and will power. They make an armour around the practitioner so that a person remains free from outer influence.

As per experiments, ten minutes of these sounds twice a day can completely free you of the inability to handle anxiety, worry, and stress. It is extremely hard to get rid of all problems, but a daily recitation of these sounds will greatly increase one's ability to handle them by just letting go of worries. It increases the power to cope with problems. Of course, both sounds can promote astonishing changes in one's life.

Science regards that the vibrations of sound spread in space and attract atoms of similar type and return them to their origin duly charged with electricity. The phenomenon of sound does not destroy whatever is uttered will spread in space along with its waves and will remain over there, until infinite times in some form or the other. Sound waves effects oneself as well as the atmosphere.

The psychologist uses hypnotism. The basis of hypnotism is to get desired behaviour from the patient just by infusing faith. If a person practises articulation of Arham and Mahaprana Dhvani with unflinching faith, proper articulation, and self confidence, he feels within himself vibrations, energy, stress-free and all above benefits regarding sound waves.

Sound therapy is a panacea for cleansing oneself. It serves as a subtle means for protecting a person from physical, mental, moral, and spiritual dangers. These sounds are intoned and uttered in a proper manner according to letter and rhythm. Audible and inaudible expression should be given. The sound of Arham and Mahaprana Dhvani definitely purifies both the conscious and sub-conscious mind and transforms a person through its rhythmical vibrations.


Jain View Of Life

Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh Edition: 1st Edition 2000

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