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Jain View Of Life: 3.04 Sincerity

Published: 14.12.2011


Arjava means sincerity, straightforwardness or honesty. To be above all the deceitfulness with the soul, mind and speech is sincerity. To be above diplomacy and two-facedness is sincerity. To be above all the outcome of ill intention and argumentative nature is sincerity. It is sincere and honest intentions in our everyday lives, that leads a man to straightforwardness.

Sincerity expects us to be fair and honest in word, deed and physical activity. It is like a light house that can be seen from everywhere. A sincere person is reliable and pleasant, that is why each and every soul likes him. Children are straightforward so everyone loves them. The needle is straight so it joins the two pieces together. As a pair of scissors is crooked it cuts one piece into two, similarly, crooked person does so. As children grow and achieve wisdom, their straightforwardness starts to de­crease. Because of layers of ill thoughts, deception, doubt etc. make their mind impure. As a result,-they do not become sincere. Sincerity can be earned by congruence of speech and action.

Gautama said to Lord Mahavira, "what does a man achieve by straightforwardness". Lord Mahavira replied "by sincerity a man can achieve physical, mental and linguistic straightforwardness". According to Jain teachings, even if you pick and retain something without permission from the owner is also known as theft. So also cheating others to serve one's own selfish motives by over profiteering in one's trade is also insincerity.

Once a old woman was passing by the road with a bundle on her head. A young man was passing on the same side, whilst looking at the woman, he began to show pity towards her. He said to her, "Grandma, let me carry your bundle for a little while. The old woman allowed the man to carry the bundle as she trusted him. Later he gave it back. After a while the man's heart changed and he thought if I had held the bundle earlier so, if I could not have given her, what could this old woman have done with me. With this, the young man once again said to her, "let me carry your bundle." The old woman refused. Again he insisted for the bundle. She then said with a clarity of speech, "I will not give you the bundle." He asked, "why do you refuse me to hold the bundle?", the woman's response was "I have also heard the voice what you have heard".

In reality, by cheating others, we are deceiving ourselves. Lord Mahavir said, "never cheat others, cheating is harmful for your own soul". Every action reacts to oneself than to others. Religion can dwell in pure heart. From all perspective, it can be said that sincerity makes the heart, mind and soul lighter in which nothing remains unclear.


Jain View Of Life

Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh Edition: 1st Edition 2000

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