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Jain View Of Life: 4.0.6 Seven Important Hints For Asanas

Published: 25.12.2011

Seven Important Hints For Asanas

  1. Place:
    Have an open place, where fresh air is easily available like a garden terrace or verandah. That place should be free from bad odour, mosquitoes or insects or any kind of disturbing factors.

  2. Time:
    Early morning 4-8 a.m. is the best time, when the mind and the atmosphere are cool. Begin with a minimum time of thirty minutes daily and increase the duration up to a maximum of one hour.

  3. Dress:
    Wear loose light and clean clothes, prefer­able cotton.

  4. Seat:
    Use a bed-sheet, blanket or mat, etc. The seat should be full size for practicing asanas. Do not use woolen fibers as they stick to your lips or nose.

  5. Food:
    Always practice asana on an empty stom­ach. Asanas are not allowed on full stomach or after a meal. Make sure at least 3-4 hours have passed after a meal and half an hour after a glass of juice or any kinds of liquid. Meals such as breakfast may be taken fifteen minutes after per­forming asanas.

  6. Rest:
    It is necessary to rest for a few seconds after practice of each asana.

  7. Avoid force:
    Do not practice any asana with undue force, and do not eat or drink immediately after practicing asana.


Jain View Of Life

Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh Edition: 1st Edition 2000

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