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Jain View Of Life: 4.1.01 Uttanapadasana

Published: 26.12.2011
Updated: 02.07.2015

Uttanapadasana (Leg raising posture)

Lie on your back, feet together. Place palms facing down to the floor at your side, 4 to 6 inches away from the trunk.


While inhaling, lift both legs to 30 degrees. Hold your breath in the posture as much as you can. While exhaling, brings your legs down to the floor without bending your knees. Again inhale and raise the legs to 60 degrees. Retain the breath for a while. While exhaling bring the legs down to the ground.
Ardha-Uttanapadasana can be performed in the same manner, by lifting one leg at a time.


Repeat up to three times for up to five minutes, and then increase as convenient.


Be careful to keep your legs straight during lifting and bringing your legs down.
Avoid sudden or jolting motions when lifting or lowering your legs down. This posture is not recommended for a person who suffer from high blood pressure, backache or any heart related problems.


This posture reduces obesity and abdominal disorders, and increases the speed of blood circulation in the body. It is good for constipation.


Jain View Of Life

Publisher: Adarsh Sahitya Sangh Edition: 1st Edition 2000

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