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Posted: 26.01.2014

On 23rd June, 1997, the doctor, Vaidya and Naturopathists did the check up and said that Acharya Shree was perfectly fine. All the disciples could also feel it because the face of Acharya Shree was glimmering as he was before his health deteriorated. Ganadhipati Tulsi went back to Terapanth Bhavan on 23rd June at 10:30 A.M. Due to the Naturopathy treatment, his meal pattern and schedules were changed. This change caused him to feel very weak. In this short travelling, he became a bit tired and wanted to relax.

After taking rest, Acharya Shree took his seat and began conversing with Padamchandji Patawari. Acharya Shree asked for his spectacles. And Muni Alok Kumar - a young monk at that time - attempted to hand them over to him. Surprisingly, Ganadhipati Tulsi could not hold the glasses. The glasses fell to the ground. His soul left his body and the world forever. No one could believe that Gurudev was no more.

On his funeral day, many renowned personalities like Chief Minister of Rajasthan - Bhairo Singh Shekhawat, ex-Chief Minister of Delhi - Mr. Madanlal Khurana, MLA of Rajasthan VidhanSabha - Mr. Shantilal Chaplot, Vice Chief Minister - Mr. Kataria, ex-irrigation minister - Mr. Chandanmalji Baid, ex-Education Minister - Mr. Bulakidas Kalla and many other respected and famous citizens of our country were present to pay tribute and respect.

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