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Posted: 29.01.2014

The legacy of humanity carried on by Acharya Tulsi in the eyes of others is:

Elacharya Vidyanand

  • Acharya Tulsi Is engaged in the service of humanity. Through Anuvrat he has brought awareness in the country.

    Gyani Zail Singh

  • Acharya Tulsi has dedicated his entire life for humanity. He has always been active to uplift the character of man at national level.

Atal Bihari Bajpayee

  • Anuvrat is beyond secularism. It has played an important role to make a true human. I heartily appreciate the valuable services of Acharya Tulsi rendered through Anuvrat.

Guljari Lal Nanda

  • I can confidently say that Acharya Tulsi has brought a revolution in young males and female. His effort caused many from diverse class to quit the evils and they are still leading a good life. He is working to unite all human beings.

Shivcharan Mathur (Ex-CM, Rajasthan)


  • Acharya Tulsi since beginning of his leadership has been involved in human welfare projects like uprooting the concept of untouchables, blind social traditions, immorality, over-possessiveness, intolerance etc. In the world he has worked for his non-violent mission even many times at the cost of his life.

Nand Kishore Nautiya, Editor, Blitz

  • To improve the quality of life, Acharya Tulsi must be followed. Indians are following western culture. But I would like to advice them to follow Acharya Tulsi.


Dr. Woodland Kahler

  • Acharya Tulsi inspires people to work with honesty and dedication. With the great purpose of human welfare he wanted the entire society and country to walk on the path of morality.

Yashpal Jain

  • Acharya Tulsi is a live replica of Indian culture.

    Jainendra Jain

  • Acharya Tulsi has worked for all human beings. He played an important role in eradicating the belief of untouchability.

Parasdas Jain, Co-editor, Navbharat Times

Acharya Tulsi is present today also through his work and words in the millions of hearts. He will always be remembered for his humanity, compassion, courage and vision. Truly, he is a bright shining star in the sky.

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