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Posted: 26.01.2014

Many historians have claimed that the ruling period of Queen Elizabeth of Britain is well known as the Golden Era. According to Indian History, the ruling period of the "Guptas" is known as the Golden Era. When the people of the society are prosperous and happy with a sound body and mind, such a period of affluent prosperity is known as a Golden Era.

In this context, when we observe the life of Ganadhipati Tulsi, we can acknowledge his ruling period as a Golden Era. It was so because he enriched the world by his innovative work in the field of literature, research, editing of Agamas, Anuvrat, Prekshadhyan, Jeevan Vigyan, Samanshreni, training in non-violence, to name a few accomplishments. The period of Acharya Tulsi will be written in golden words in the cannon of Terapanth.

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