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Acharya Tulsi - Fifty Years Of Selfless Dedication: A Divine Personality of the Twentieth Century ◄His Eminence Mar Athanasius Joel S. Williams

Published: 06.07.2012
Updated: 10.07.2012

His Eminence Mar Athanasius Joel S. Williams
Archbishop of Bombay

Thousands of spiritual men and women have been amongst us, and many more will be born in the world. But only a few of them have truly changed the hearts of the people of their age, have brought peace and love in their lives and have made such efforts as to bring heavenly bliss on them. In our twentieth century we are blessed, indeed, to have amongst us, in India, such a distinguished leader in the person of Acharya Tulsi.

He is that in whose person the Jains can see their Lord Mahavir and the Buddhists their Lord Buddha. But we the followers of Jesus Christ behold in him the light of our Lord Jesus Christ. Acharya Tulsi has rendered our Lord Jesus Christ's precept of 'Love thy enemy' into a beautiful practical slogan, 'Opposition is playful appreciation, therefore, do not hate anybody'.

There is no place on the surface of the earth which is not dearer to His Holiness Acharya Tulsi. We remember, with joy, the day when he had visited our Indian National Church at Bellasis Road, Bombay. There he had so graciously joined in a community prayer along with his followers and also preached to the gathering. At the Church he blessed his disciples, sadhus and sadhvis, and enjoined them to go out into all corners of India, and preach a true religion of righteousness.

Thousands of people in the great City of Bombay wondered why the Jain Sadhus were there in a Christian Church! It was the greatness, the true greatness, of Acharya Tulsi that made a Christian Church a sacred sanctuary and a house of prayer for our Hindu brethren.

By sponsoring and propagating Anuvrat Movement, a movement for righteous living, Acharya Tulsi has brought about a great awakening and a moral revolution in the twentieth century. It is a matter of gratification that his message of universal love and human brotherhood has spread all over India. There is a spiritual upsurge among the masses and common people who have come into contact with him; and they are practising honesty in their daily dealings. Government servants also assimilate his teaching of honesty in the discharge of their duties. Black marketing and adulteration are diminishing from the business and commercial circles. Not only India but other countries have also appreciated and followed the high ideals of Acharyashri Tulsi's gospel of righteousness.

It is my personal privilege to be closely associated with the Anuvrat Movement, as an ordinary member, and carry its ideals even to the foreign lands.   People in Europe, and especially in Soviet Russia, were amazed at observing as to how we could manage without strong stimulants in the bitter cold of the weather. We only attribute this miracle to Acharyashri's words which he had pronounced, so affectionately, in the beginning of November, 1954 at Bombay, 'Father sahib, surely you are not addicted to drinking liquor!'

Hundreds of Sadhus and Sadhvis have dedicated their lives to the service of the people, upholding Acharyashri's gospel of righteousness. The austere life lived and the unselfish service to mankind rendered by these Terapanthi Sadhus is a matter of great pride for us all and our country. Not only the disciples of Acharya Tulsi but all those who have come into contact with him contribute to the movement for moral uplift by their own examples, their changed lives and by the spiritual way of life unto eternal joy.
Acharya Tulsi has greatly influenced people of all sects and all faiths. His ideology will, therefore, never be forgotten and will always be a kindly light for the entire human race.

Acharya Tulsi - Fifty Years Of Selfless Dedication
Jain Vishva Bharati Ladnun
Shrichand Bengani


R.P. Bhatnagar


● S.L. Gandhi
● Rajul Bhargava, Department of English, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
● Ashok K. Jha, Department of English, LBS College, Jaipur

First Edition, 1985-2000

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