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Acharya Tulsi - Fifty Years Of Selfless Dedication: What Others Think and Say about Anuvrat Movement [2]

Published: 18.09.2012
Updated: 02.07.2015

A Programme for the Purification of the Individual

Anuvrat Movement is a programme for the purification of the individual. This is a commendable piece of work. But the fact is that while good people walk one step, bad people walk fifty steps in the same time. How can this problem be solved? Therefore, efforts for collective moral uplift are necessary so that all can be awakened morally. The real way to do it is the one being followed by the Anuvrat Movement. People of all religions should act on the same lines.

Noted Gandhian and Eminent National Leader

A Revolution in Moral Thought

The shramans and bhikkus axe the soldiers of the peace brigade. It is good that they are dedicated to inculcating moral values in the people. In the Anuvrat Movement an equal stress is laid on moral revolution and the concept of nonviolence. This is distinctive of the character of the movement.

Noted Hindi Litterateur and Thinker

Graded Steps to Moral Regeneration

Anuvrat means a progressively graded observance of and compliance with all vows beginning with the smallest. For example, if there is a man who finds himself unable to practise nonviolence and non-possession despite his faith in them, he can, by following this technique, vow to abstain from one particular kind of violence or a specific type of possession. He can thus gradually move forward towards the fulfilment of his final aim. Such vows are called anuvrats. Acharya Shree Tulsi has started an institution called Anuvrati Sangh (Anuvrat Movement) for the propagation of the above technique. It is open to all. Caste, religion, sex, colour are all immaterial for being admitted to it. It has specified certain divisions like nonviolence, truth, non-thieving, brahmcharya (a state of chastity and continence) and non-possession, each one of which has its allotted anuvrats.

As an antidote to the modern attitude of indifference to principles and rules and as an instrument of activating the power of discriminating between good and evil, it is a most laudable effort.

Eminent Gandhian Scholar and Close Associate of Gandhiji

A Movement for Creating Moral Awareness among the People

I am deeply interested in the Anuvrat Movement because it is capable of making the language of the spirit intelligible to the people. I have great faith in non-possession and that explains my fascination for anuvrat. The presence of such thoughts in our minds as direct us to tell others that they should not render assistance or give money to anyone, for if they do so, he might become their enemy, is the result of our having become totally unaware of absolute freedom or of what we call moksh (emancipation). Not without embracing poverty ourselves can we remove the poverty of others. Absolute freedom can exist only where there is nonviolence. It urges one to say, 'I will not kill anyone but if you so wish you can kill me.' Those who have attained to absolute freedom would rather part with office and offer it to others than have it themselves.

In this sense the Anuvrat Movement is undoubtedly religious, but at the same time it is also an instrument of moral awakening.

Eminent Hindi Novelist and Thinker

A Movement for People of All Religions

If we probe deep into the Anuvrat Movement, we find that it is replete with the principles of building individual character. The rules prescribed by it are in conformity with the best and the basic in all religions and therefore do not bear the label of any one religion. In the context of the present sad state of the country caused by economic hardships and disparities, it is necessary for the countrymen to devote themselves to its programme based on the concept of non-possession. This movement of building character is also the movement of peace. It has been started with a view to instilling peace in everyone's mind.

It is a matter of great pleasure that the Anuvrat Movement has addressed itself to all communities and religions eschewing sectarianism of all brands.

Former Vice-President, World Peace Council

Follow Anuvrat Ideals in Life

The real work is to practise the vows and ideals in actual life. If the Indians follow these ideals in their life, it will be a great national achievement. Not only this, if businessmen, students and others inspired by these ideals go to foreign countries, I believe that the foreigners will also be impressed by the Anuvrat Movement.

Former Defence Minister of India and Eminent Diplomat

Anuvrat and Panchsheel

I have been an admirer of the Anuvrat Movement since the time I first came to know it. I was attracted towards it because it pays special attention to small things in life. There are many people keen to do big things but there are very few who give importance to small things.
This movement gives importance to gradual development and it is its speciality. One can reach the ideal not at one go but only step by step. In every meeting thousands take these moral vows and purify their lives. These vows are not thrust upon them. They take them on their own. I have seen the longing for pure life in these people.
These days Panchsheel is a word of international importance. I feel that the Anuvrat Movement is a Panchsheel movement. The more it spreads the better it is for the welfare of our country.

Former Governor of Gujarat

Anuvrati Sangh

Any organisation that avows certain fundamental principles of purity and morality in life is bound to promote the wellbeing of society and improve its ethics. The Anuvrat Movement has evolved 85 Rules of Conduct divided under five heads, viz. ahimsa, satya, asteya, brahmacharya and aparigraha. These are the cardinal principles of the Jains and the principles which Mahatma Gandhi adored in his campaigns for political, social, and ethical reforms. Such a movement is bound to command the goodwill and support of every well-wisher of society.

Eminent Indian Leader and Historian

Reforms through a Change of Heart

I have a great fascination for the Anuvrat Movement. It is more nourishing for life than even food. The work which is being done among the students as part of this movement is unique. The youngsters are the citizens of tomorrow. They will shoulder the responsibility of the nation. If they fall a prey to indiscipline and other vices, it is dangerous for the nation.

Reforms are not brought about by laws. Laws can only bring pressure of fear on evil attitudes so that they may not grow worse. Only by a change of heart can we get rid of evils. Anuvrat Movement is constantly striving for this.

Former Chief Justice of India

Moral Flashlight

Anuvrat Movement supports and encourages real Dharma (righteousness).

Today unrighteousness is spreading very rapidly and religion is increasingly degenerating into narrowness. The last two wars have hit our morality so hard that we shall take years to regain it. But in this world, dominated by materialism, a flashlight is discernible beaming sacrifice, self-restraint and rectitude. It forbids us to indulge in temptation and shows us the way to purify life. That flashlight is the Anuvrat Movement. This movement has given us a change, a direction and speed.

The soul of the Anuvrat Movement is self-restraint. Its small vows bestow a humanitarian outlook on us. We have to place its high ideals before the country and the world by translating them into practice. There is no doubt that the people will follow them and that the ideas of Acharya Shree Tulsi will one day take concrete shape and an ideal nonviolent society will evolve, consisting of people practising self-restraint.

Former President, West Bengal Legislative Council

Equilibrium between Good and Evil

It is best to bear in mind the limitations of human nature. I believe that the vows of the Anuvrat Association have been framed bearing in mind the fact that every kind of risk and difficulty will have to be faced when we take such difficult vows the observance of which is beyond the reach of man. What we require in life are restraint, regulatedness and discipline and not total negation or extremely hard asceticism. We know how many efforts have become, in vain because they prescribed vows the observance of which was beyond the common man. It is most appropriate to follow the middle course and, in the same way, keep an equilibrium between good and evil. I immensely like the way in which the Anuvrat Association is working for the moral renaissance of the masses. The work of Acharya Tulsi is giving good results.

Former Governor of Bombay

Awakening Sleeping Thoughts

Anuvrat Movement is a social platform. It is the quintessence of all religions of the world. The people of all races and creeds can join it. It is a movement to which there cannot be any opposition. After attaining freedom, our nonviolence went to sleep, as it were, and our thoughts became idle. This Movement intends to awaken our sleeping nonviolence and slumbering thoughts.

Eminent Social Worker of U. P.

Elevating the Masses

There have been numerous occasions in our history when the moral values in social life weakened and people got detracted from the right path. At such times the great men of our country guided the people and made them realize the right values of life. I am glad to say that Acharya Shree Tulsi is doing the good work of elevating the masses of this country. The Anuvrat Movement is inspiring a new awakening among a dormant people.

Our duty is to help rejuvenate the cultural and spiritual values in India seeking inspiration from the Anuvrat Movement.

Former Minister for External Affairs

Changing Standards of Life

Everyone professes some sort of religion but hardly does anyone adhere to its principles. I prefer religious deeds to religious doctrines. Law cannot bring about sarvodaya or the upliftment of all. Only vows can do that. Law can help one in hiding wealth and starting State enterprises instead of private ones but it cannot promote love or friendship. By the Anuvrat Movement we can easily do so.

The Anuvrat Movement changes the very complexion of life. It aims at the harmony and synthesis of the heart and the head, action and conception, words and deeds.

Close Associate of Mahatma Gandhi and Former Minister for Health and Family Welfare

Similar to Christ's Thoughts

Anuvrat Movement has inspired in me unlimited inner strength and courage. I did not touch alcohol during my travels to the cold regions of European and other Western countries. It was under the inspiration of the Anuvrat Movement.

I see a similarity between the thoughts of Christ and the ideas put forward by the Anuvrat Movement.

Former Arch Priest of National Church of India

Something Good for the Nation

I have read the rules of the Anuvrat Movement and I am well acquainted with its programme. One finds discussions about it frequently in newspapers. This movement is very useful for the country. I offer my full cooperation for this work.

Former Director, United Press of India

Acharya Tulsi - Fifty Years Of Selfless Dedication
Jain Vishva Bharati Ladnun
Shrichand Bengani


R.P. Bhatnagar


● S.L. Gandhi
● Rajul Bhargava, Department of English, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
● Ashok K. Jha, Department of English, LBS College, Jaipur

First Edition, 1985-2000

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