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Anekāntavāda And Syādvāda: Section I

Published: 23.05.2012
Updated: 24.05.2012

Syādvāda is a cardinal Jain[1] doctrine 'to which the Jains attach so much importance that this name frequently is used as a synonym for the Jain system itself.[2] The doctrine is thus often explained in modern expositions of Jainism or Jain philosophy.[3] The purpose of this paper is to critically examine some of these presentations.


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Published by:
Jain Vishwa Bharati Institute
Ladnun - 341 306 (Rajasthan) General Editor:
Sreechand Rampuria
Edited by:
Rai Ashwini Kumar
T.M. Dak
Anil Dutta Mishra

First Edition:1996
© by the Authors

Printed by:
Pawan Printers
J-9, Naveen Shahdara, Delhi-110032

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