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Anekāntavāda And Syādvāda: Conclusion

Accordingly the seven-fold argument of Syādvāda theory of Jainism which is supposed to exhaust all the possibilities of describing the objective reality and lead to a complete description (pramāṇa) of the phenomenal world in terms of an always true statement can be represented as a tautology with respect to our deviant logic.

The Jainas were not unaware of the fact that the relativism they were propounding suggests a verdict of disfavour of all knowledge obtained and obtainable by us in the phenomenal world. For a world which is divisible into an ever inexhaustible number of points of view and whose entirety we never comprehend is just inaccessible to empirical sensibilities or rational statements. Does this suggest that we require an, infinite-valued deviant logic to represent the Jaina epistemology or perhaps it is beyond the scope of logic?

Published by:
Jain Vishwa Bharati Institute
Ladnun - 341 306 (Rajasthan) General Editor:
Sreechand Rampuria
Edited by:
Rai Ashwini Kumar
T.M. Dak
Anil Dutta Mishra

First Edition:1996
© by the Authors

Printed by:
Pawan Printers
J-9, Naveen Shahdara, Delhi-110032

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