Published: 21.12.2004
Updated: 29.08.2012
Syadvad, Syādavāda, Syādvada, Syādvād, Syādvāda


Syādvāda (Devanagari: स्यादवाद) is the Doctrine of Postulation of Jainism. In other words, Syādvāda provides the body of teachings or instruction which one uses to derive a postulate or axiom. The starting assumption or postulate is given as saptabhanginaya, from which other statements are logically derived.

By using saptabhanginaya the theory of relativity encompasses the truths about one system or thought which are the same in one system as in another system in uniform motion relative to it. It is henceforth impossible to determine the truth of a system within its own thought structure, and such development or furtherance of various claims of truth can be observed only in relation to other systems in uniform motion resulting in a qualified prediction as shown in the theory of Manifold Predictions.

Therefore each truth is valid within its one system, various truths are synthesized and are mutually exclusive. Amongst several truths about a particular thing, one or the other or both may in fact be valid.

Theory of Sevenfold Predications:

Jain Epistemology describes the saptabhanginaya or sevenfold predication:

    1. Syād-asti - "in some ways it is"
    2. Syād-nāsti - "in some ways it is not"
    3. Syād-asti-nāsti - "in some ways it is and it is not"
    4. Syād-asti-avaktavyaḥ - "in some ways it is and it is indescribable"
    5. Syād-nāsti-avaktavyaḥ - "in some ways it is not and it is indescribable"
    6. Syād-asti-nāsti-avaktavyaḥ - "in some ways it is, it is not and it is indescribable"
    7. Syād-avaktavyaḥ - "in some ways it is indescribable"


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