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Anekāntavāda And Syādvāda: Sevenfold Logic

Published: 30.06.2012

If we cling to Ekāntavāda (one-sided absolutism) we only create fractions; but if we adhere to Anekāntavāda we would be creating harmony and unity. This logic of Jainas has been developed in the sevenfold Syādvāda logic - the different forms of predicative judgment, regarding the same object and is as follows:

1. Syād-asti: somehow a substance exists. (Positive).

2. Syād-nāsti: somehow a substance does not exist. (Negative).

3. Syād-asti-nāsti: somehow a substance exists and does not exist (Synthetical).

4. Syād-avaktavyam: Somehow a substance is indescribable (i.e. it is impossible to describe a thing without adopting any particular standpoint or the thing is beyond sense perception).

5. Syād-asti avaktavyam: somehow a substance exists but is indescribable.

6. Syād nāsti-avaktavyam: somehow a substance does not exist and is indescribable,

7. Syād-asti nāsti-avaktavyam: somehow a substance exists and does not exist and is indescribable.

According to Syādvāda logic everything is related with every other thing and this relation involves the emergence of a rational quality. Relation is possible only if the terms are dependent on one another and dependence is always mutual. Thus Jain Logic is helpful in creating a cosmic outlook.

Published by:
Jain Vishwa Bharati Institute
Ladnun - 341 306 (Rajasthan) General Editor:
Sreechand Rampuria
Edited by:
Rai Ashwini Kumar
T.M. Dak
Anil Dutta Mishra

First Edition:1996
© by the Authors

Printed by:
Pawan Printers
J-9, Naveen Shahdara, Delhi-110032

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