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Anekāntavāda And Syādvāda: World Led By Fraction-Men : A Danger

Published: 24.06.2012

The world requires these whole and holy personalities, the omniscient Teachers and their blessed teachings once again. But the pity is that we find today only "Fraction-men." The world is too full of such men. Our World Jain Mission's representative in U.S.A., Mr. Wayne H. Steele, is right in emphasizing the truth when he writes: "Many, if not most, of our law-makers and judges and other public officials (in whose hands our lives and fortunes lie) are fraction-men. Many, if not most, of our teachers (even including many college professors of full rank) and preachers; many, if not most, of the writers of our books, magazines, and newspapers; of our platform and radio speakers; of our movie directors and theatrical managers; of our reformers; of our counsellors, on whom we rely for advice in emergencies (as high school principal or a 'successful' friend of the family, etc.), in short, many of the leaders of our race are fraction-men. Many a life tragedy is owing to these "good, well meaning" people. They are men who should, of all men, be whole-men, men of complete basic knowledge of life and the environment. But they too often are not, depressing though the fact may be. Instead of following Philosophers and well balanced professors, men of whole knowledge, we allow fraction-men to lead us and rule us, although our very life and happiness depend on it. Undoubtedly, it is because we ourselves are such fraction-men that we do not have, as yet, any standards or conceptions for recognising a whole men."

Published by:
Jain Vishwa Bharati Institute
Ladnun - 341 306 (Rajasthan) General Editor:
Sreechand Rampuria
Edited by:
Rai Ashwini Kumar
T.M. Dak
Anil Dutta Mishra

First Edition:1996
© by the Authors

Printed by:
Pawan Printers
J-9, Naveen Shahdara, Delhi-110032

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