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Published: 25.06.2020

As per the declaration of United Nations Organizations the year 1988 has been declared the year of disarmament of atomic weapons. Before the beginning of this year on 8th December, 1987 a historical treaty was being signed between the president of America Ronald Reagan and the leader of Soviet Russia Gorbachev. According to this treaty both the countries would destroy weapons that have the power of hitting the targets at the distance of 500 to 5500 km. This treaty is almost like the announcement of the advent of dawn that is going to provide relief to everyone.

On 1st June, 1988 this treaty was implemented. This mutual step taken by both these nations was appreciated and welcomed by all the countries of the world.

End of War

On 8th August, 1988 UNO has made a new announcement to cease war that has been going on for eight years. 20th August has been chosen when the war would be ended. According to the newspapers shortly after this declaration of UNO the attacking mode of both these nations changed abruptly. Their military movement had been put to a halt. The war between Iraq and Iran had started on 20th September, 1980. Since then a rough estimate of some ten thousand people have reported of getting killed. Someone lakh soldiers had been taken prisoners from both these countries and are still imprisoned. On the top of it the war had ended. To put an end to it on the mental level as well the leaders of both these nations are going to meet and talk face to face on 24th August at Geneva; It had been reported that UNO would play a significant role in this conversation.

Black Day of History

The end of the war going on between lraq and Iran was also welcomed by all those nations which believe in human values. There is no contradiction whatsoever in proving the fact that no nation wants war internally. It is so because war doesn’t merely influence a particular generation but the future generations are also equally affected. In the year 1945 at the time of Second World War, the two cities of Japan, the land of the rising Sun—Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely destroyed by atom bombs dropped by America. This dreadful incident has not yet been forgotten by the people.

In the history of mankind this day was the darkest when some lakhs of people were killed grotesquely. The demolished Japan. In this war, could recover fast due to its people’s strong determination and hard work. From technological point of view it developed a lot but those lakhs of people who lost their lives unnecessarily, would they ever come back?
Even after having seen and borne the ill-consequences of war why do people become desperate to wage war? This is a universal question. Whatever the reason may be—whether economic, social, geographical, cultural, religious or historical—war is a way to destroy mankind. War has ever solved any problem is never heard of. By intrusion in the border of any other nation and waging war can help one to conquer a little area but doing this it gives one a headache that seems to go on for ages. Mutual trust, well-being for all and interdepend ability can only help human beings to lead a peaceful life.

Reward for Peace

This year ‘Nehru Shanti Puraskar’ (Nehru peace reward) was given to UNO's chief Secretary Xavier PasejDequea, Mr.Quea’s contribution in spreading peace and positive thoughts all across the world is immense which he is still pursuing. Based on this assessment he has been rewarded and honoured. The world has become sick and tired of war and violence so such efforts are always supported with great fervour. People waging war or encouraging it; have never been rewarded thisway that can glorify their names in history. It is so because war brings destruction, turmoil, restlessness and wastage of lives and properties.To save the world we have to take refuge in non-violence.

Among the nations that are trying to create nuclear arms free and violence free society India is also taking an active role. Indian culture reflects non-violence, Anekant, and brotherhood. Violence is never desirable in a non-violent and Anekant lifestyle. But as long as the causes of violence and turmoil are present the possibility of causing war at different layers cannot be avoided non-violence, Anekied. The sheer imagination of world war is so dreadful, even our nation is so much affected by internal conflicts that everyone knows. There is still time left when man dissuaded by the horrors of war can hold back their values, save himself from unnecessary violence and take an active role in establishing world peace then the entire humanity scorched in the fire of violence can get some relief.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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