Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 19 ►The Light of Non-Violence

Published: 11.06.2020

Non-violence is a smooth and easy flow of life. It emerges from inward consciousness and is secured by constant awareness. The responsibility of defending it goes to certain special persons. These persons are possessors of infinite wisdom and knowledge. They are the embodiments of compassion, penance and restraint. They are also vulnerable to the supreme power. They are praised and worshipped in all the three worlds. The Tirthankaras engrossed and embalmed psychically have known non-violence along with beholding and enliving through the biological facade. The forms of non-violence induced and elaborated by them are known by saints who are metaphysically aware as are the ones who are highly intelligible. The non-violence thus wise is a realization of deep penance which is served by soul and practiced by irrefragable matrices of psychological deeds - the saints who serve as the guardian angels act thus wise.

Among the saints who are always in such divinely irradiating psychic modes, are the reverential ones, by who’s mere touch deadly effects of diseases have hitherto been reverted. Any sort of secretion from their psycho-physical domain i.e. body can be used as medicine.

These saints possess inherent strata of cognitive knowledge thereby assimilating the inner sanctum sanatorium of divine self-knowledge. Hence they possess ultra-mundane expressions of divine intellect which throbs within the limited entity. They possess sensory vibrations and ethereal standings of a realized soul -termed in connivance with sweetness, entwined feelings and bilinear polarity. With the realization of a relevant psycho-physical power which helps realize the inherent immortality of any being, they are capable of feeding some thousands of religious beings.

Among the devotees of non-violence the ascetics practicing knowledge, philosophy and character are surely present, along with them there is a long series of ascetics. Among them the fourth devotee(Upvas), the sixth devotee(Bela), the eighth devotee(Tela) are able to sustain penance for a long period ranging from the time span of a month, two months, four months, and six months. There are some ascetics who remain engaged with Ayambil(a kind of Jaina penance), Purimardha (a kind of Jaina penance), Nivi and such other penances. There are ascetics who practice various Yogasanas(postures of Yoga). Some ascetics observe penance by receiving constant heat under the razing sun in the afiemoon during summer and some ascetics are replete with some special vows.

Among the ascetics practicing non-violence there are many saints who are endowed with special intelligence. They always remain keen to sustain the identity of non-violence and make it multiple times powerful. Every person remains keen to take repose in cool shade of non-violence, especially those who wishes to encounter the truth.

The sphere of non-violence is infinitely vast. Akin to sunlight it is equally praised and sought by every human and living creature. In the absence of it the concept of peaceful inter-dependence remains a Utopia.

The light of non-violence is a precious treasure. Those who receive this blessing create history like Sulas, the son of Kalsaubarik and Kamal, the son of Kabir. They set themselves free from orthodox traditions the borders of which are replete with violence. They cannot make an excuse of situation and indulge in violence.

Once the non-violence consciousness develops, a person becomes more and more sensitive. He can never cause sufferings to others. Just contrary to this ideal, a violent person gives more importance to his own well-being than the well-being of the whole universe, but even such a person turns guilty while he suppresses someone. When he tries to enslave someone he loses his own freedom. This is the reason why a violent person can never remain contented and tranquil. His instincts are always drawn between two polar opposites. When such a person moves through any kind of violence, he is possessed by some kind of emotion. When that particular emotion subsides, he repents, sheds tears and feels guilty.

When a violent person gets acquainted with the feeling of non- violence, he develops a longing for its cool shade but still the pre-conceived values and notions push him toward violence. When such values lose power and start to fade then only a person moves forward on the path of non-violence gets secured and becomes a protector of non-violence. Such protectors of non-violence become the guiding light and rescue living beings from wandering in the forest of violence, fear, domination, uncertainty and dissatisfaction.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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