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Published: 05.06.2020

The sphere of non-violence is such where all of the people can come, meet and interact with one another. I am very delighted to have met you all. People meet and get separated. In my view the meeting of people is not as important as important is the meeting of their mind. We are getting acquainted with non-violence and peace that have made me very happy. Let non-violence be the medium by which world peace is established, is the only point over which we all are focussing. I want to consolidate this point and wish you all to experience this state as well. Turmoil and violence, peace and non-violence are the two opposite poles. Like turmoil and violence cannot be perceived separately, similarly peace and non-violence cannot be separated. I perceive the context of non-violence in a much expanded form. Anubrat is a practical ‘application of stepping ahead toward that infinite space.

Entrance to a New Direction

To make differences is utilitarian. To classify, analyse and split is convenient-for all of us. We have taken this utility and convenience for real and on the basis of that we have divided -human civilization into fragmentary bits. Based on the differences of colour and creed a wall of animosity has been constructed between human beings. Man has been divided into superior and inferior beings. It would not be exaggerating to say-that superiority and inferiority are caused naturally. Differences based on race and colour a are helping-these-differences to get even more strengthened? A big part of human race is affected by inferiority complex whereas the other half is-suffering by superiority complex. Can racism not be stopped? A race is imaginary. If we think of putting an end to it then also discrimination based on colour cannot be stopped as it is a fact. Even if all these problems are solved then also problems concerning violence will not be solved. So, I personally feel that our journey towards non-violence must begin from inward. Even in the presence of discrimination based on creed and colour, violence must not erupt. Animosity should not find soil to spread its claws, we have to think of such an alternative and it is only possible when inward journey begins. I believe in inward Journey in the penance of non-violence we must create such a loving environment so that there is no possibility of hatred to grow. History bears testimony to the fact that the seeds of animosity that have been sowed in the world, the same amount of seeds of love had not been sowed. If we move in the direction of changing this historical fact then we may move towards a new direction. I request all of you in this assembly to move in that new direction.

It is not feasible from any point of view to interfere with the freedom of thinking. Based on the freedom of thoughts many religious cults have been developed among those cults love, kinship and non- violence had least been discussed. Religious ideals have not been practically applied. They have been followed blindly. Our concern seems to rest on the number of followers but not on religious behaviours. A follower and a true religious man are absolutely different. There may be end number of followers but how many of them are religious is worth contemplating. Because of the large number of followers and least number of religious people, communalism and riots based on religious beliefs have taken place.

Can non-violence be declared a world religion? Where there is violence there is no religion. Religion exists where there is non- violence. Can this belief stop violence caused by religious biasness? This is worth contemplating. We need to ponder over the subject and try reaching a conclusion that will prevent spreading violence in the name of religion and cults.

Power of Weapons and Populace

The existence of state has its own utility. We cannot think of erasing it. Even if we think of it, I wonder how effective and practical this thought would be. But with the how effective and practical this enormously. This- is the most (existence of state violence is growing today. Producing dangerous weapons is being regarded as a defines mechanism. The way such deadly weapons are being produced the whole human race is affected by it. To save from violent terrors, weapons are being thought of dumping. Even in this conference dumping of weapons is being discussed. This conference is for the leaders of common people, not the leaders of State. The power of producing weapons lies in the hands of political leaders. Will the state governments listen to the leaders of public? The accumulation of power has been regarded as a strong base of world peace. In a situation like this, how could we expect governments to lend ears to the public leaders? This is an easy conclusion and worth arguing. But we must not heave a sigh of disappointment before this argument. The power of mass is more powerful then producing arms. If believers of non-violence can take their words forward and spread among people, if their faith and devotion is steadfast then some day or the other governments have to consider their words. The truth is that the followers of non-violence have not yet been able to create an environment in the world where the authority that runs the government gets impressed. We must not forget the salient features that lay the edifice of non-violence:

  • We all are human beings.

  • Conscience is born in human beings.

  • Greed, selfish interests and so on consolidate unconsciousness and cover one’s conscience.

  • The shadow of unconsciousness can be erased.

  • Underneath the differences of nationality, caste and creed there is a unity which can be felt and also be made realized.

  • There is a great potential of innate goodness in human beings which can be actualized.

And in order to accomplish all this ardent desire is required. If this meeting can ignite the passion of realizing these virtues then non-violence can be used as a powerful weapon. This armour would not be destructive rather it will be a benediction for humanity. To make this beneficial endeavour successful, I welcome all those who believe in non-violence, to sing the glory of it and proceed forward together. With this auspicious wish I pray so that this mission is accomplished successfully.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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