Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 23 ►Non-Violence is Nectar

Published: 13.06.2020

There is poison in the world as well as nectar. It is full of enemies as well as friends. If there is fear then one may take refuge in someone as well. There is misery as well as joy. Poison kills a person. The nectar makes him immortal. Man is apprehensive with the fear of enemies whereas he is consoled with the presence of friends. Fear makes a person weak whereas when he takes refuge in someone or gets relief his strength becomes ten times more. No one likes misery and everyone aspires to be happy. In such a situation man looks for nectar, searches for a friend, looks for refuge and joy.

There had been a few wise men in this world that could perceive the psychological turmoil, grasp it and provided solutions. They advised that anger is poison and non-violence is nectar. To hold grudges is an enemy and lack of indolence is a friend. The cosmic delusion (Maya) creates fear and the only refuge is truth. Greed brings misery and contentment is joy. One who understands this concept and undertakes a journey in search of these virtues leads a life of contentment. Those who fail to discriminate between good and evil and renounce these negative traits such as anger, ego, illusion (Maya) and greed they never attain to nectar nor do they achieve joy in their life.

There had been a few extraordinary men in this world that could understand the dilemma of the human mind and presented a new perception. They said poison and nectar, enemy and, friend, fear and refuge and misery and joy are established notions that human mind should not get entangled with. From materialistic view point they are defined differently and from spiritual view point also their interactions are different. If one’s perception is limited to materialistic view point then he would never be able to delve deeper into the abysmal depth of spirituality. These contradictions from spiritual point of view have been defined in the following lines—

कोहो विसं किं अयमं अहिंसा
माणो अरी किं हियमप्पमादो|
माया भयं हिं सरणं तु सच्चं,
लोहो दुहं किं सुहमाहु तुट्ठि||

What is poison? Anger is poison. What is nectar? Non-violence is nectar. Who is an enemy? Animosity is enemy. Who is a friend? Lack of indolence is friend. What is the place of fear‘? Cosmic delusion (Maya) is the place of fear. Who can be refuge? Truth can only be refuge. What is misery? Greed is the biggest misery. What is joy? Contentment is the biggest joy.

One who understands the aforesaid facts and one who undertakes a journey in search of truth can only live a peaceful life. A person who fails to discriminate between good and evil cannot control these negative traits such as anger, ego,’ illusion and greed and he neither attains to nectar nor can he bring joy in his life.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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