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Published: 06.06.2020

Non-violence is the most essential factor of religion. The need of non-violence had always-been there. Today its need is felt more desperately. It is quite natural too. Food also tastes delicious when the hunger is acute. If the hunger is satiated then delicious food also doesn’t appear pleasing to the pallet. The destruction caused by violence has made people afraid. If the echo of war reverberates from one comer of the world then the people living in the other, corner also gets afraid. What is the reason for this? The sole reason is human beings have suffered the dire consequences of war. Man had considered war to be the means to establish peace, but the consequences that war naturally brings was repeated. Whatsoever might have been the cause but man has become aware of the perils that war brings in its wake and he doesn’t want war any more. He doesn’t want to face the dreadful consequences of violence. It seems now he is hungry for non-violence. He has aspired non-violence for happiness and peace. This desire would certainly be fulfilled by non- violence. There is no doubt in it.

To accept non-violence is to establish peace in human life. A violent man's mind never gets tranquil, it always remains agitated. He kills a person. The family members of the diseased turn his enemy; the people of his community become his enemy and are always in search of an opportunity to avenge the wrong done to them. Is it possible for someone to retain tranquillity in a situation like this? A hunter draws pleasure out of hunting. But his conscience doesn’t partake of hid pleasure or support it. It writes underneath his skin. This misdeed keeps on pricking him from time to time. The last conclusion is that non-violence is the only means of attaining that tranquil state. It is not merely useful in life but rather indispensable.

The Glory of Religion

Non-violence is made a part and parcel of life. It must run in every vein. Certain thoughts emerge while preaching non-violence. Those who have been following non-violence ever since their birth, whose predecessors had been following non-violence, for whom the name itself make them proud. Those who believe it to be their sole principle, whose saints and recluses or the preceptors are hued in the colour of non-violence and whose lives are governed by non-violence, such thoughts must be contemplated upon while preaching them non- violence. In reality it has to be observed that non-violence, which is being followed by the preceptor, what effect does it have on his followers or disciples? How far has it been implemented in life by his followers. Do they simply brag about it or do they really feel proud of its glory?

Non-violence can be promoted by the saints and their disciples alike. Not for wealth but by the implementation and religious behaviour the followers must be inspired. They must have an innate interest for religion. They must remain aware to the facts concerning religion. Their life must carry the imprints of religion so that it triggers religious feelings in others too, if non-violence is inculcated in one’s life then only a living example can be presented before people.

Non-violence is glory of religion. It is the very life of religion. If non-violence is eradicated from religion nothing worthwhile will remain. Only the skeleton will be left. The very soul of religion is non-violence. If there is no non-violence there is no religion. If there is religion then the presence of non-violence is inevitable. Everyone has got equal right over religion. In the same way everyone can practice non-violence. This is not merely confined to any particular religion or cult but applicable for everyone.

Practicing non-violence gives rise to wise thoughts and wise feelings. It brings an end to all sorts of bitterness from family, society, association and nation. There is a possibility that a man may be ill- tempered in a family. He gets angry beyond limits but others keep silent. The result is that he hardly gets a chance to be angry. Gradually he becomes quiet. In a similar way we can remove all the discrepancies between nations and society and conflicts can also be removed by kinship and non-violence. Once non-violence is fully established the difference that exists between a lion and a sheep can also be put to an end and they finally become friends. This is the highest power that non-violence is not merely useful for individuals but equally useful for family, society and the country. I expect that realizing the utility of non-violence man must accept it at every step of his life.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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