Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 33 ►Non-Violence-—Incantation of World Peace

Published: 18.06.2020

Lord Mahavira said—

अप्पा कत्ता विकत्ता  दुहाण  सुहाण  |
अप्पा मित्तंमित्तं  दुप्पट्ठय सुपट्ठिऒ ||

The meaning of the aforesaid shloka is quite simple one’s soul is responsible for one’s happiness and misery. One’s soul is one’s friend or enemy. One’s soul involved in negative activities is one’s enemy and soul involved in positive activities is one’s friend.

This statement of Lord Mahavira is truly intense. Although the meaning goes deeper but worth understanding for all. lt is so because without understanding it a person’s thoughts cannot be wise, the visitations of joy and misery in life, the rise and fall, the changing situations from being hostile to favorable. All these factors cannot be perceived properly and as a result one cannot lead a peaceful life. According to Mahavira’s philosophy, a person himself is responsible for his joy and misery. He himself is the creator of it. It is not in the hand of anyone to make someone happy or sad. Therefore in reality no other living creature in the world has the power to make someone happy or miserable. Someone in this world-is your friend or enemy when you are positive then you only play the role of a friend and when your negative traits are active you only play the role of an enemy. In short, your positive traits are a friend and your negative traits are an enemy. This only becomes the cause of your happiness and grief. Your positive traits lead you toward happiness and your negative traits lead you toward misery. To consider someone else responsible for your Joy or misery is a sheer illusion.

Let Non-Violence be established

If we try to name all the negative traits in a single term then it will be violence. In a similar way all the positive traits can be defined as non-violence. Friendship, brotherhood, positive thinking are all an integral part of non-violence.

I see that to establish world peace today big conferences are being called, big assemblies are being arranged and such other programs are being conducted. But what kind of paradox it is that the leaders who are taking such endeavors are the possessors of deadly weapons. When they are being asked why they are creating and accumulating such destructive weapons then they anonymously reply that it is for defense. I would like to ask them that if their enemies also possess the same destructive weapons then what would be the consequence of it.

A person who himself is in the path that leads to agitation, who inspires turmoil of all kinds, how on earth he could dream of establishing world peace? In a condition like this what utility of such conferences and Councils would have you may well imagine. It becomes imperative then to realize that misery is self-created. The cause of misery is violence. Non-violence is the only incantation of establishing peace and happiness. By following this ideal only peace, can be established in the life of an individual, society, nation and the entire world. The movement of Anubrat is trying to establish non- violence in the life of every individual by getting over every deference.By massive spreading of it all across the world the Utopia of peace can be realized in reality. Some foreign brothers are sitting right in front of me now. I would like to say especially addressing them that they understand the movement of Anubrat intensely. They must become Anubrati and make this program popular among masses in their respective nations. It will be a significant contribution in the direction of establishing world peace.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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