Ocean Of Problems - The Boat to Non Violence: 17 ►Victory of Non-Violence

Published: 10.06.2020

There are two ways of life—violent and non-violent. A non-violent lifestyle has always been praised in the sphere of spiritualism. But 1n the context of nation and society there had been very few persons who followed non-violence. In the present era Mahatma Gandhi has tried to solve every problem from a non-violent perspective. Many politicians of his time realized the importance of it and accepted it wholeheartedly. The non-violent approach that he incorporated in running state or society withered with his demise. It gave some people an opportunity to praise the glory of arms and ridicule the principles of non-violence. A few communist countries were also with them because they never believed in non-violence.

Non-violence is an eternal truth. The truth may be blurred with the change of time but it can never be ended. In the present era the violent deeds of some violent people have obscured the glow of non- violence. In a time like this the announcement that has been made after the meeting of Russian leader Gorbachev and Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi has made a big hue and cry everywhere. If Rajiv Gandhi and Gorbachev are set aside from this announcement then this announcement would seem more spiritual than political.

To establish international relation on the basis of inters- dependability and peace is a policy that is the outcome of thinking of a political leader seems exceptional. If this policy is properly implemented then the terror of ‘star war’ would disappear on its own accord.

To consider human life valuable, to make non-violence the very basis of life and to establish harmony and faith in place of fear and doubt is only possible on a spiritual land.

To make a non-violent world free of nuclear weapons and to talk about implementing this program practically can be expected from ‘a saint but announcement of such an ideal policy from political field is a rare phenomenon. The mutual announcement of this policy by Soviet Union and India is highly appreciable. It can be hardly expected that a communist mind like Gorbachev can develop faith in the ideal of non-violence. Whoever might have read this announcement in the newspaper must have turned dumbfounded at least once.

America and Russia are two super powers. If one of these powerful nations is inclined towards non-violence then the third world countries get strengthened.

Violence begets violence. The tradition of arms persists. In a situation like this if a man of higher authority of a powerful nation thinks of establishing non-violence then it is a great achievement in itself. This is such a big change which people had been looking for since the past few decades.

On 27th November, 1983 the announcement of this treaty between India and Soviet Union in Delhi is not a miracle. This is a victory of non-violence, a victory of spirituality. It will assure any peaceful person, society or nation.

The Endeavour

To be self-assured or to make others self-assured must not be merely documented. To tum it into reality every individual, community and nation, who have a steadfast faith in non-violence must come forward to work together.


Title: Ocean Of Problems
Author: Acharya Tulsi
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain
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