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Published: 05.12.2019

Chhatra-trayamtavavibhaatishashaanka-kaanta, Much-chaihsthitamsthagita-bhaanukara-prataaparn |
Muktaa-phala-prakara-jaala-vivriddha-shobham, Prakhyaa-payat tri-jagatahparamesh-varatvam||

Three canopies adorn the space over your head. They have the glow of the moon and are shielding the scorching sun rays. The frills made with pearls are enhancing its beauty. This three-tier canopy symbolizes your supremacy over the three realms.

Unnidra-hema-nava-pankaja-punja-kaanti, Paryul-lasan-nakha-mayookha-shikhaabhi-raamau|
Paadaupadaanitavayatrajinendra! dhattah, Padmaanitatravibudhaahparikalpa-yanti||

O Jinendra! Deities create lotus wherever your feet are placed, which are as resplendent as fresh golden lotuses and are adorable because of the rays being emitted from the tip of your nails.

In a state of awakening, man does multiple activities. Each and every activity forms a mental imprint. In his discourse Acharya Maantung is visualizing a specific state of Lord Rishabh. He is attempting to visualize the Lord giving a sermon in the Samavasaran (the place where teerthankars deliver their sermon).

The Ashok tree, divine sound, divine drums, throne with embedded gems, three canopies, showering of divine flowers, fly-whisk and halo are the eight pratiharya (the eight divine endowments for teerthankar's created by deities appointed by Indra) which come into existence at the time of a teerthankar's sermon. When giving a sermon, sitting beneath the Ashok tree, teerthankar's words reach up to one yojana (1800 miles). If this pratiharya of divine sound exists even after the sermon is completed the Lord will be unable to have a one-on-one conversation with individuals. Thus, these pratiharya, which are created by deities, exist only at the time of sermon of teerthankar.

Devaa daiveemnaraa naarim, shabaraa-shchaapi shaabareem|
Tiryanchoapi ha tairashchim, menirebhagvad-giram||

All types of beings attend that religious assembly. It is the extra­ordinary power of the Lord that deities, human beings, animals and birds understand his sermon. Irrespective of language, every species understands the profound teachings of the Lord in their individual languages. Deities, and even animals and birds interpret the sermon in their own language.

The Significance of the Chhatra

Chhatra (three-tier canopy) is one such pratiharya of the Lord. As soon as the Lord takes his seat in the Samavasaran for sermon- a bejeweled throne, Ashok Tree and a 3-tier canopy appear. What do these canopies look like? Mentioning about eminence of three canopies Acharya Maantung composed the following shlok–

Chhatra-trayamtavavibhaatishashaanka-kaanta, Much-chaihsthitamsthagita-bhaanukara-prataaparn |
Muktaa-phala-prakara-jaala-vivriddha-shobham, Prakhyaa-payat tri-jagatahparamesh-varatvam||

A cool head makes the mind calm - and results in good health, positive thinking and subsidizing anger.

He says, 'The canopies are white and lustrous like the moon, embodied with beautiful pearl strings. These pearl strings enhance the beauty of the canopy. Just as an umbrella protects one from rain and the sun, the canopies protect the Lord from the scorching heat. The three canopies above the Lord are pure, lustrous and cool. They create a peaceful atmosphere.'

In this poetic presentation there is mention of both the Sun as well as the Moon. Canopy should be cool like moon and shield the scorching heat of the sun. Continuous exposure to the sun can lead to headaches and fatigue. Head needs to always stay cool. This is why men wear turbans, caps, hats or wigs, to protect their head from the heat. A cool head makes the mind calm and results in good health, positive thinking and subsiding anger. In fact, this is also the reason why it is recommended to meditate with a pictorial visual of the moon, as moon is considered to be cool and calm. A person whose anger, agitation and aggressiveness trigger instantly should visualize moon at their frontal lobe when meditating. This will aide in pacifying their anger.

The Significance of Number Three

You may question - why a three-tiered canopy, why not just a single large one?

Historically and myth logically the number "three" has always been of significance. For example, we always bow down thrice for respect and also recite the vandana three times. Number "three" represents the three realms - heaven, earth (Human world) and hell. Indra is the God of heaven. Chakravarti or emperor is considered to be equivalent of God of the human world. No single person is the master of all three realms. Only one who has reached beyond the three realms can be the Lord of all three worlds. He, who relinquishes all worldly attachment, is called the Supreme Being. Everyone willingly accepts him as God. One who forcefully dominates others can never be accepted by all. One who is limited to a particular space can never be the God of three realms. Adinath is beyond the limit of space and time and has renounced all attachments, thus eligible to be the Lord of three Trijagat (realms). Hence, the number 'three' is significant.

The Vibrations of Teerthankars

In the Sthananga Sutra, a question was posed - Is there any single moment when peace or happiness prevails in hell? In response to this it has been said that each time a teerthankar is born, peace prevails in hell too.At the time of the birth of a terthankar good vibrations travel through the three realms and cause peace even in hell. Similar effect occurs at the moment of liberation of teerthankars. This is because teerthankars' aim is to create happiness and peace in the entire universe. Therefore, they are the Lord of three worlds.

Chakravarti is an emperor of six divisions of Bharat Kshetra, but this position is attained by subjugating another's right and causing untold pain or misery. One who becomes an emperor by seizing another's freedom or by instilling fear in others can never be accepted wholeheartedly. Teerthankars constantly emanate flow of amity leading to vibrant feelings of friendliness making them adored by all.

We should realize the significance of radiating positive energy in order to transform someone's heart. One who exudes an aura of friendliness embeds their place in everybody's heart. It is very important to eliminate the feeling of hatred and release the stream of love. There is a special practice in spiritual science - a person who is filled with negative thoughts, anger or arrogance gets transformed, if a yogi, who is engrossed in relaxation, transfers the energy of friendliness towards them.

One who becomes an emperor by seizing another's freedom or by instilling fear in others can never be accepted whole heartedly.

Anand, the disciple of Buddha, was a spiritual practitioner of meditation.One day the subjects of a kingdom came to him and requested to help their king realize that his cruelty is destroying the kingdom. Anand used his spiritual practice to connect with the king. Anand, first stood facing the east, engrossed in deep meditation and transferred his powerful thoughts to change the heart of the king. After that he meditated, facing west, north and south. He collected his powers and transferred the energy of thoughts that could lead the king to become a more peace-loving and compassionate ruler. This practice immediately resulted in the king realizing the troubles he created in his kingdom and resolving to address them. His behavior also changed. He became compassionate as well as benevolent towards his people. This story reflects, how good vibrations can travel through the three realms and make a positive difference where needed.

It is an important fact that - one who can transform others and develops the feeling of fellowship in them can become the Lord of three worlds. The essence behind this is that only one who practices the contemplation of friendliness can rule all three worlds. A person filled with hatred can never rule all three realms. Explaining the logic behind the three canopies, Acharya Maantung exclaims that the canopies are symbolic to the Lord's Supreme presence in the three realms which is denoted by the word "chhatratrayam".

Lustrous Feet

Another divinity of teerthankar is that wherever the Lord places his feet lotus blooms there. It is believed that celestial beings create lotus under the feet of a teerthankar. Mentioning this extraordinary quality, Acharya Maantung uses the metaphor of open and shut eyes to describe the blooming of lotus under the Lord's feet. To bloom or open up is the sign of awakening. There are two meanings of the word 'Nova - new and nine. ‘Both meanings work in this context. Navpankaj means there are nine golden lotuses that have just bloomed. Those lotuses neither wither nor shrivel, they always bloom.

Describing the feet of Lord Rishabh, Acharya Maantung said –

Unnidra-hema-nava-pankaja-punja-kaanti, Paryul-lasan-nakha-mayookha-shikhaabhi-raamau|
Paadaupadaanitavayatrajinendra! dhattah, Padmaanitatravibudhaahparikalpa-yanti||

One who practices the contemplation of friendliness can rule all three worlds.

‘Lord! Your feet are like an aggregate of nine blooming golden lotuses. A single golden lotus will not emanate such brightness. On one side yellow rays are emanating from the collectively blooming golden flowers and on the other side a flame is created by the rays emitting from your nails. Therefore, your feet seem beautiful' He continues, 'Lustrous feet with a tinge of golden yellow colour& rays emanating from nails bring a feeling of reflection. One can see their face in that mirror. Everything is reflected in those bright and transparent rays. Wherever your feet are, heavenly gods create lotus there'.

Transformation of Matter

Great Yogis do not perform miracles; miracles occur around them.

How strange is this Atishay? Your feet do not touch the ground, they walk on lotuses, it’s difficult to understand or believe this extraordinary feature of teerthankar. One may ask - do celestial beings serve teerthankars at all times? It is believed that crores of heavenly beings remain incessantly in teerthankars service. As mentioned in Jain Puran - Eight thousand, sixteen thousand and a crore deity remain in the service of Vasudev, Chakravarti and teerthankars respectively. We cannot see them, but we can see their effects.

Many a time when we go to any shravak's (laymen who follows the path propounded by teerthankars) house and recite mangalpaath in their prayer room or the place where they worship deities, they tell us - "we always remain in your service." On this basis, it can be said that it is possible that they remain in teerthankars service and they create golden lotus under their feet.

There is a well-known incident about Harikeshbal. When he went to the yagyapaat (place of sacrifice), a Yaksha (demi-god; celestial disembodied beings who are believed to inhabit secluded places) was in his service. Harikeshbal had a debate with Brahamin priests. The debate turned out to be unpleasant and later all the priests became unconscious. One can wonder if this was Harikeshbal's doing or the Yakshas? Actually, on seeing the humiliation by the priests, the Yaksha made them unconscious. Great Yogis do not perform miracles; miracles occur around them.

This is not some sort of black magic or something created by deities; rather it is a 'natural phenomenon' or 'transformation by nature itself.

Here is an incident which took place in the nineteenth-twentieth century. Swami Vishuddanandji and his disciple Gopinathji had a special power called 'Surya vidya'. A foreigner came to Gopinathji (kaviraj) and placed a one kilo stone in front of him. Kaviraj asked - what do you want? Foreigner said - I want a rose flower! Kaviraj joined fingers in a specific manner and chanted that particular mantra. The stone transformed into a rose. The foreigner was surprised. Kaviraj asked- what else do you want? Foreigner said- now I want a jasmine flower. After two-three minutes a jasmine flower appeared. The astonished foreigner now said -I want cotton. Within a couple of minutes that flower transformed into cotton. This is the miracle of transformation.

When one knows the science behind simple and complex combination of atoms it can lead to the transformation of objects without any difficulty. If you see divinity (atishay) occurring, it may be an example of the creation by celestial bodies or a natural transformation resulting from the power of siddha yogi. Everything on this earth blooms when they come into contact with the feet of an omniscient. Maharishi Patanjali mentioned various kinds of powers that are attained on reaching the pinnacle of spirituality. Those powers are described in the Vibhutipad of Patanjali Yoga philosophy. Atoms get transformed into particular forms corresponding to the attainment of power.

One disciple organized a feast. While the invitation was for one hundred people, one thousand people reached for the feast. The disciple was perplexed and sought for a solution. There was a wise monk there. The disciple reached out to the monk for advice to manage the situation.

The monk asked, "What happened? Until yesterday you were looking happy. However, today you look sad and disappointed?"
Disciple said - "Wise monk, I've prepared sweets for hundred people; however one thousand people have arrived here. How do I welcome them?"

With compassion the monk answered, "Don't worry, I will help you."

The wise monk sat near the bowl of sweets and said "Come here and start offering sweets to the guests. Don't worry about the quantity. This bowl of sweets will not deplete even if ten thousand guests arrive."

Surprisingly that's exactly what happened. Everybody had their share of sweets. This labdhi (attainment of power due to spiritual practice) is called aksheena-mahaanas-labdhi. In the mantra recited in the praise of Gautama Swami, it is clearly mentioned that Gautama Swami had this power. That mantra is:

Om namo bhagavao goyamassa siddhassa buddhassa akheena-mahaanasassa laddhi-sampannassa
bhagavan-bhaaskar, mama mano-vaanchhitam kuru kuru svaahaa.

The result of this power is that miniscule food kept in a container miraculously becomes enough for all.

Anything is possible when inner power awakens and will power strengthens. Matter transforms as per resolution.

A monk brought two chapattis in bhiksha. All of a sudden Gautam Swami came there with many monks. Due to his power those two chapattis fulfilled the appetite   of everyone. Whether there are four monks or four thousand monks this power satisfies the hunger of all. In the presence of this power there is no need to ponder over the perplexities. This labdhi has the power to transform any matter.

There is a well-known story entitled Aaramshobha in Jain literature. It is said - where ever Aaramshobha used to go a beautiful garden would go with her. Wherever she used to be the surroundings got transformed into a garden. In the presence of siddha yogi or omniscient matter automatically gets transformed into throne, canopy, etc. Lord sits on a slab of stone and it transforms into a throne. Atoms around the Lord take the form of canopy. This is due to natural transformation of matter. Anything is possible when inner power awakens and will power strengthens Matter transforms as per resolution. Hence, it is no surprise that matter gets transformed into golden lotuses under the feet of Lord Rishabh. Specific miracles happen around those people who practice intense spirituality.

When Acharya Rishirai, the third Acharya of Terapanth, went for vihar (bare feet journey) the weather would inadvertently become pleasant. Even if he commenced his journey in scorching heat, clouds would form a symbolic umbrella over him, making the journey easy.

I've also experienced the same thing. Once there was a vihar in the afternoon. Devotees said - it is peak summer and the sun is intense today. How will the vihar be possible in this weather? I said - "let us see what happens. Vihar cannot be avoided." At the planned time the vihar began. Within five to seven minutes of initiating the vihar, the sky was filled with clouds and the scorching sunlight disappeared.

This is due to transformation of matter. This is a mysterious phenomenon. One who knows this secret cannot be shocked by any subject. It is necessary to learn the mysteries & only those who perform spiritual study and meditation can avail that.

A king developed a keen interest in spiritual study (svadhyay) during his old age. His minister noticed this and came to the king and said - O Sir! It is good that you began svadhyay, but you have started this late in your life. Now even if you study you will only manage to be a lamp. The king asked - Why do you say so? Minister said - one who begins to do svadhyay in young age becomes like the sun by the time he is in his old age whereas one who starts svadhyay in old age, remains like a lamp. He will not reach the stature of sun. The king said - It does not matter whether I will be the sun or the lamp, as long as I am illuminated.

If we take up svadhyay diligently with a view of becoming a learned person or practice meditation, then we'll attain the divine illumination of knowledge and in that state, nothing remains mystic or surprise. The secret of labdhi, riddhi or yogajvibhuti (power) will be understood. The composer has excellently described the Atishay of Lord Rishabh in these shlokas. By reading these shlokas we automatically bow down with devotion towards spiritual and transcendental power.


Title:  Bhaktambar Stotra
Author:  Acharya Mahapragna
Publisher:  Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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