Asta Pratiharyas

Published: 09.08.2011
Updated: 15.03.2012
Aṣṭa Mahā-prātihāryāṇi, Aṣṭa Prātihāryas, Pratiharya

According to Jaina iconography the image of an Arhat as well as the image of a Jina should be surrounded by the Aṣṭa Prātihāryas (Sanskrit: "eight miracles") or Aṣṭa Mahā-prātihāryāṇi (Sanskrit: "eight great miracles"):

  1. Aśoka-tree.
  2. Gods showering rains of flowers from the sky.
  3. 64 cāmaras: gods standing in the four quarters fan the Jina with sixty-four cāmaras.
  4. Bhāmaṇḍala.
  5. Gods beating drums.
  6. Triple parasol.
  7. Lion-throne.
  8. Voice of the Jina.


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