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Bhaktambar Stotra: GLOSSARY[A-L]

Published: 12.12.2019

Aagam - Words of the omniscient, Jain canonical text
Aagam-purush– Omniscient
Akshepanee -A type of tale; that tale, which generates keenness for philosophical knowledge and righteous conduct
Aatapana -Exposure of body to intense sun; a kind of austerity which is practised by exposing one's naked body to intense sunrays by sitting in front of sun in various yogic postures, to develop the power of luminous body
Atmakartritvavad -Theory which believes soul to be doer
Atmavad- Theory of soul
Abhavit -One who can remain steady despite distractions
Abhidha- Literal sense of a word
Abhokta - One who does not experience the fruition of karma
Acharya- Religious preceptor
Adharmastikay -Auxiliary medium of rest passively assisting in the rest of the sentient beings and matter, which are apt to undertaking rest
Adhyatma - Spirituality
Ahamindra - Self-governed heavenly beings
Apramad - Vigilance
Akarta - N on-doer
Akashastikay - Extended existence qua space; that substance whose distinguishing characteristic is to provide room to all other substances
Akshar - Alphabetical letters, that which never destroy
AkshayTritiya - The third day of bright moon fortnight of the Indian month of Vaishakha; a day when Lord Rishabh broke his fasting of one year
Ammta - Infinite
Anekant - N on-absolutism
AnimeshPreksha - To perceive the tip of the nose with unblinking eyes
AnuttarViman - Highest abode in heaven
Arhat - Teerthankar, one who establishes four- fold order?
Asankhya - Innumerable
Ashariri - Soul devoid of physical body, siddha
Ashok Vriksha - A kind of super natural magnificence of teerthankar;teerthankaras use to sit on a throne under the shadow of  Ashok tree which has a blue aura
Ashwasena - Cavalry corps
Atishay - Extraordinary divinity of teerthankaras.

  • Anandaatishay - Extraordinary state of bliss
  • Charitraatishay - Extraordinary state of conduct
  • Gyanaatishay - Extraordinary knowledge
  • Veeryaatishay - Extraordinary power

Audayik - The state of transformation of soul consequent upon the rise of karma
Avadhigyani - Possessor of Clairvoyance

Bhamandal - Halo
Bhagavat - Hindu text
Bhakta - Devotee
Bhaktakatha - Conversation related to food
Bhakti - Devotion
Bhavana - Repeated contemplation on the idea of making oneself resemble one’s ideal
Bhavit - One who gets distracted easily; fickle minded

Chakraratna - One of the fourteen gems of Chakravarti the most Powerful among all armaments which can win an invincible enemy
Chakravarti — Emperor of six divisions of Bharat region
Chanvar - Flywhisk
Chhatra - 3-tier canopy
Chaturdash - Purvi - Knower of fourteen purvas
Chaturmas - Four months of rainy season
Chaturmukh - Having four faces; one in each direction
Chhadmastha - non-omniscient soul whose knowledge and intuition are veiled

Dashpurvi - Knower of ten purvas
Deshkatha - Conversation related to various worldwide subjects
Dev-dundubhi - Divine instrumental music
Dharmastikay - Auxiliary medium of motion passively assisting in the motion of the sentient beings and matter which are apt to undertaking motion
Dhvanikavya - Phonetic type of poetry
Divyadhvani - Divine sound
Divyapushpavrishti - Divine showering of flowers
Dvisandhan - Literary style narrating two stories simultaneously

EkantAnityavad - Theory of absolute non-eternality
EkantNityavad — Theory of absolute eternality

Gajasena - Elephantry corps
Ganadhar - Chief disciples of teerthankar; the ascetic who composes the canonical text on the basis of the direct revelation to him by the teerthankar
Guna-sankraman - Transmission of qualities
Guna - Quality or attribute.

  • Rajas guna - A quality referring active state of mind
  • Satvaguna - A quality referring pure state of mind
  • Tamasguna - A quality referring idle state of mind

Gyanendriya - Five senses of knowledge

Hasya - Humour

Ishvar - God
Ishvarvad - Theory related to God

Jangulividya- A kind of mystical power
Jinendra - One who has overcome attachment and aversion; teerthankar
Jeev- Sentient beings
Jeevastikay— The totality of all jeevas

Kaamkatha - Erotic conversation
Kalpavriksha - Wish - fulfilling tree, which fulfil all basic needs of life for sustenance
Kalpantkaal - Destructive phase of world, parlay kaal
Kaamdhenu - Wish-fulfilling cow
Karma - A type of body; the subtle most body which is formed by material clusters qua karma

  • Antaray karma - Obstructive karma
  • Darshanvaraniya karma - Intuition obscuring karma
  • Gyanavaraniya karma - Knowledge obscuring karma
  • Mohaniya karma - Deluding karma

Karmendriya - organs of action: Anus, genital, speech, hands and legs
Kashay - Passion like, anger, deceit, ego, greed
Kayotstarga - Relaxation; giving up the attachment towards body
Kevalgyani - one who possess omniscience
Kevali - Omniscient
Kshayik - The state of soul, emanating from the annihilation of karma
Kshayopasham - Annihilation cum subsidence of karma
Kshayopashamik - The state of soul, emanating from annihilation cum subsidence of karma

Labdki - Attainment of power due to spiritual practice
Lakshna - Figurative sense of a word
Leshya - Psychic colour, a type of radiation, emanated from the soul, a very subtle level of consciousness which functions with a subtle body called luminous body


Title:  Bhaktambar Stotra
Author:  Acharya Mahapragna
Publisher:  Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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  1. Aagam
  2. Aagam-purush
  3. Aatapana
  4. Abhavit
  5. Abhokta
  6. Adhyatma
  7. Ahamindra
  8. Akarta
  9. Akshepanee
  10. Anekant
  11. Anger
  12. Arhat
  13. Ashok Tree
  14. Atmakartritvavad
  15. Aura
  16. Bhagavat
  17. Bhakta
  18. Bhakti
  19. Bhamandal
  20. Bhavana
  21. Bhavit
  22. Body
  23. Chakraratna
  24. Chakravarti
  25. Chanvar
  26. Chaturdash - Purvi
  27. Chaturmas
  28. Chaturmukh
  29. Chhadmastha
  30. Chhatra
  31. Clairvoyance
  32. Consciousness
  33. Contemplation
  34. Dashpurvi
  35. Deceit
  36. Dev-dundubhi
  37. Dvisandhan
  38. Fasting
  39. Gajasena
  40. Ganadhar
  41. Greed
  42. Guna
  43. Guna-sankraman
  44. Gyanendriya
  45. Hasya
  46. Ishvar
  47. Ishvarvad
  48. Jeevastikay
  49. Jinendra
  50. Kaal
  51. Kaamdhenu
  52. Kalpavriksha
  53. Karma
  54. Karmendriya
  55. Kashay
  56. Kevalgyani
  57. Kevali
  58. Kshayik
  59. Kshayopasham
  60. Kshayopashamik
  61. Leshya
  62. Mohaniya
  63. Mohaniya Karma
  64. Omniscient
  65. Purvas
  66. Rajas
  67. Rishabh
  68. Siddha
  69. Soul
  70. Space
  71. Teerthankar
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