Published: 10.12.2019

Udbhoota-bheeshana-jalodarwbhaara-bhugnaah, Shochyaamdashaa-mupagataa-shchyuta-jeevi-taashaah |
Tvat-paada-pankajwrajoamrita-digdha-dehaa, Martyaabhavantimakam-dhvajwtulya-roopaah ||

An extremely sick person, disfigured due to the heaviness caused by as cites having lost all hopes of survival, when rubs the elixir-like dust particles taken from your lotus-like feet, becomes as handsome as Kaamdev.

Aapaada-kantha-muru-shrinkhala-veshtbtaangaa, Gaadhambrihan-nigada-koti-nighrishtwjanghah |
Tvan-nama-mantrwmanishammanujaahsmarantah, Sadyahsvayamvigata-bandha-bhayaabhavanti ||

Persons, tied from head to toe in heavy chains, whose thighs have been bruised by the dense and thick chain-links, get unshackled and freed from bondage by chanting your name (Om Rishabhaaya namah).

People continuously strive for an uninterrupted and problem- free life. They have found various methods to achieve this. In Aagam literature it is said that when a living being is born it intake all the relevant material aggregates that are required for its sustenance. It’s a belief in astrology that when a new life takes birth it absorbs the radiations and rays of the celestial bodies which are depicted in its horoscope and one’s life is shaped accordingly.

However, some of the material that is accumulated by living beings may be obstructive. The question is - how to remove the obstructions? Scholars seemed for solutions for these. One of the solutions is devotion or practicing mantras. It strengthens our consciousness and helps to eradicate problems and obstructions.

Freeing Oneself of Ailment

Acharya Maantung describes the grueling ailment of his time here. This ailment is known as Jalodar. Jalodar, also known as ascites is the accumulation of protein-containing fluid within the abdomen. Many disorders can cause ascites, but the most common is high blood pressure in the veins that bring blood to the liver (portal hypertension), which is usually due to cirrhosis. Today, there are ways to cure this disease and it is not considered as lethal as it was in the ancient times. I have seen the condition of many people suffering from this disease. A person is always distraught and restless due to this ailment. Their body becomes distorted because of the heavy quantity of fluid.

There are two types of disease - curable and incurable. Easily curable diseases are ones which can be treated with ordinary medical remedies. Incurable diseases are ones those which canbe controlled with great difficulty or not at all. Today, cancer is incurable. It can be treated at the initial stage but becomes incurable during advanced stages. Jalodar was such a disease. Anyone suffering from such disease reached a lamentable state where there was no hope of being cured. Death was inevitable. Can a person in this state be saved? Is there a treatment for such an incurable disease?
New treatments are continuously researched. Everything detrimental has a remedy. It's not as if there are only problems with no solutions. Acharya Maantung himself recommends a way to free oneself from this ailment —

Udbhoota-bheeshana-jalodarwbhaara-bhugnaah, Shochyaamdashaa-mupagataa-shchyuta-jeevi-taashaah |
Tvat-paada-pankajwrajoamrita-digdha-dehaa, Martyaabhavantimakam-dhvajwtulya-roopaah ||

‘Lord! The dust of your lotus-feet (sand touched by your lotus-feet) has become elixir. The patient can be cured of jalodar if they apply your auspicious dust on their body as ointment. Just like sandalwood, this dust can be used as an ointment. Those who are deformed from this disease can become as handsome as Kaamdev.’

This is neither a matter of exaggeration nor a miracle. I do not believe in miracles. Only those who do not understand the principles of physics and atoms believe in concepts of miracles. What some ignorant calls a miracle is merely a principle of atoms for the wise. There is a principle behind every change and perceived miracles. Instead of saying — bow down to miracles, we must say — bow down to principles.

Sand became Ointment

After the completion of Chaturmas (four months of rainy season) in Kolkata, his holiness Gurudev was on his way to Rajasthan.

A car stopped on the way and a Bengali couple got down offering their Salutations. Gurudev asked - 'what is the purpose of your visit?’

‘We come to offer our salutation.’

’Is there any acquaintance between us?’

’Not directly but indirectly we are familiar.’

’When and how did you get an indirect introduction?’

’Gurudev, my wife was suffering from Tuberculosis. We tried a plethora of treatments to no avail. One of your faithful devotees suggested - ’Use the dust of the Gurudev’s lotus feet, and she will get well.’ My wife followed the suggestion and became healthy. That's why we have come here to bow down to you and show our gratitude.’

Can this be a medicine? Water can be a medicine, but surely not dust. But when faith and emotions unite, even sand can become an elixir. A person who contorts poison with feelings of elixir has the effect as though it were an elixir. Similarly, a person who contorts elixir with feelings of poison can turn elixir into poison. It’s a question of our own spirit and emotions. How are our emotions connected to it? Acharya Maantung exposes this truth - 'Lord! For those having deep devotion towards you, even dust which has touched your lotus feet is equivalent to elixir.’

Resolve and You shall Attain

The question is - how can we get the dust from the Lord's feet? Ages have passed since the Lord has attained nirvan (liberation, also known as moksh). Is it even possible to get the dust from his feet now? From where will we get it? This is possible by one of the practices of yoga (sadhana). A doctor prescribed — ‘You should walk five kilometers and walk very fast.’ But how can a weak person walk five kilometers? There is a way out - ‘Sit in the posture of Kayotsarga. When relaxation and deep concentration is achieved, resolve that I am walking very fast. Repeatedly feel that you are walking in high speed.’ Keep contemplating on this, let your mind visualize and feel the action of fast walking and you will positively complete the journey.

If a person is unable to perform asana and pranayam, they should practice Kayotsarga by getting into deep concentration and visualizing - 'I am doing this asana.’ If they can visualize and feel it deeply, they can surely perform asanas like matsyasan, siddhasan and vajrasan.

There are two types of actions - physical and mental. Mental and emotional actions can do identical work which is done through physical actions. To acquire the desired results, it is important to have an intense practice of what is sought. We have conducted a number of experiments in Preksha meditation which have been successful.

In Tibetan meditation practices, anyone wishing to become a disciple has to first pass a grueling test. Tibet is within close proximity to the Himalayan range. It snows a lot and is extremely cold there. The first instruction the master gave his prospective disciple is - ‘Sit on the snow.’ Second instruction is - ’Take off your clothes.’ This is followed by the third instruction - ‘Now get your body to perspire. You will become a disciple only when you perspire. If you don't perspire you cannot become a disciple.’

How can one perspire if they are sitting naked in bitter cold snowy weather? It can occur by the practice of bhavana (repeated contemplation on the idea of making oneself resemble one's ideal). The disciple visualizes summer and feels the heat in their body. They immerse themselves in this contemplation for an hour and as a result start to perspire. Their intention of becoming a disciple comes true. In the same way if one can contemplate over coolness in extreme heat, they will not feel the scorching heat. This happens through deep contemplation.

Lord Rishabh is not present today, but we can create a mental image and visualize — ‘The Lord is walking; I am picking up the sand on which he has walked and smearing it all over my body.’ If we are absorbed in this feeling, we can be successful. Parinaman (Principle of transformation) is given a lot of importance in Jain Yoga. What we do physically is macro action. What we do through our mind and emotions is a subtle action. Emotional actions are much more powerful than physical actions. It leads to desired successful transformation. This is also known as practice of Bhavana.

Emotional actions are much more powerful than physical actions. It leads to desired successful transformation.

American doctor, Oralis, conducted an experiment of bhavana on heart patients. His experiment was aimed at patients with ailing hearts and blocked arteries. Two pictures were drawn – one of a healthy heart and the other of a sick heart. He instructed the patients_- ‘Concentrate on the healthy heart and resolve that your arteries are getting better, blockages are clearing, and your heart is becoming healthy.’ This experiment had surprising results. Those with serious blockages became healthy without bypass surgery. This transformation is possible only by the practice of bhavana. What Acharya Maantung has written is actually an experiment of bhavana — ‘Lord! The one who uses the dust of your feet as ointment is healed of jalodar and becomes equivalent to Kaamdev (Adonis).'

Breaking the Bondage of Captivity

One of the causes of fear is — bondage or captivity. This is also considered as an obstruction. Acharya Maantung used the following shlok on himself. When he was fettered, on reciting the shlok his padlocks opened, and his shackles unchained. The power of this stotra broke all chains and opened all locks. One of the shlok he recited was —

Aapaada-kantha-muru-shrinkhala-veshtbtaangaa, Gaadhambrihan-nigada-koti-nighrishtwjanghah |
Tvan-nama-mantrwmanishammanujaahsmarantah, Sadyahsvayamvigata-bandha-bhayaabhavanti |

'A person is clenched with iron chains from neck to feet. The iron hoops around the legs are very dense. Their thighs have been abraded by these pointed iron hoops. Their entire body is clamped with chains. In such a situation all the chains and bonds will break down if they remember you constantly without interruption.’

Not only Acharya Maantung, whoever practiced this shlok after him attained the results. One of the incidents is - Ranpal was in charge of the fort of Ajaymeru. He had a clash with Emperor Jalaluddin. Jalaluddin was a ruler then. He wanted to capture the fort of Ajaymeru but was unsuccessful. The fort was invincible. A mir (prominent person) lived in that fort. He pretended to be loyal. He tricked Ranpal and his sons and sent them to Jalaluddin as captives. The king put them in prison. Ranpal was a supreme devotee of Bhaktamar. Not only did he know the words of Bhaktamar but also knew its quintessence. He thought — I know the mantra to free myself from this bondage. I should use it.

Ranpal executed his plan. He started reciting the 42nd shlok of Bhaktamar along with the chants of ‘Om Rishabhaaya namah’. Chanting needs to be done for a certain number of counts. When the mantra is chanted for the requisite number of counts it becomes powerful, it becomes living or vibrant. The mantra does not work until it becomes vibrant. According to the method, Ranpal chanted this mantra ten thousand times after which the mantra became elective. A beautiful woman came in front of Ranpal. Ranpal asked — who are you? Human or deity?

The woman said — I serve goddess Chakreshvari. Chakreshvari is Lord Rishabh’s adhishthatri (Guarding Goddess). She has sent me to break your bondages. Please stand up.

‘I have been tied. How can I stand up?’

‘Look at your feet. Where are the chains?’

Ranpal saw that the chains were broken. He stood up.

Devi said — ’Go wherever you want to go.’

‘My son is also chained.’

‘Touch him and his chains will break too.’

Both father and son were freed.

He remarked to the deity - ’How will we go out? There are armed guards outside.’ The deity said — ’let’s go. There is nothing to worry about.’ Under the deity’s protection, they went out. They could see everyone, but no one could see them.

Do not believe it to be a miracle. It is a law of nature. Not only chains, but even naagpash (a type of weapon which binds the target in coils of living venomous snakes) unclasp when there is immense faith, enormous self-confidence or great will-power.What did Hanuman do? With self-confidence and faith, he freed himself from naagpash. Faith breaks all kinds of bondages.

There is a special technique to become invisible. Deities had the power of invisibility. There used to be a pill which when kept in the mouth would make the person invisible. He would remain invisible for as long as the pill was in the mouth. He would become visible as soon as he took the pill out. This is not a miracle. It's a law of nature, a scientific fact. Subtle atomic particles encompass the body in such a way that physical body cannot be seen by our eyes. If we can find a way to transform our body to the subtle level, we can be invisible too. In this unseen state, Ranpal with his son reached the fort unharmed.

The Power of Belief

Acharya Maantung is exposing this truth — ’Lord! By remembering your name chains and shackles are broken. Man becomes healthy and safe.’ Acharya has shown the way to free oneself from certain problems. This does not mean that a solution for one problem cannot be used for some other problem. Jalodar is not the only disease, there are various other diseases. These shlokas are useful in such maladies as well. Faith and belief are the most important. It is not a miracle for people who know the method of faith healing. Faith can cure a lot of complicated diseases.

A person was diagnosed with cancer. He took a lot of medications but did not get well. A wise person suggested - 'Leave medicines and start believing. Keep contemplating that — I am becoming healthy...I am becoming healthy.’ The person started repeating this sentence thousand times a day. Marvelous results were seen. He was cured of cancer.

A sadhvi (female ascetic) had a tumor in her stomach. Doctor suggested removal of the tumors by operation. She said — until I hear from Gurudev I cannot get it operated. I received the news much later and so the operation could not be done as scheduled. After receiving my letter with the prescribed method, she went on a three day fast. On the second day, she felt as if someone was taking away the tumor. The doctor examined her on the third day and was surprised to note that the tumor was not there.

An ordinary person would say — it is a miracle. In reality, this is not a miracle but a practice of one’s faith, visualization, contemplation and willpower. One who knows how to keep faith, knows how to increase his willpower with the support of his faith and understands the truth that — ‘whatever the person visualizes; a specific situation or condition, and contemplates on it, similar results can be materialized.’ They find their own mantra to get rid of their obstacles. Sometimes physical discomfort or a disease is an outcome of one’s doubt. Doubt of having some disease makes him feel and fall ill.

There is an ancient story. A person had the routine of relieving himself far into the forest at day break. It was a day of holi. The man woke up at five o'clock and took the pot from under his bed and went into the jungle. After defecating and cleaning he saw that the ground was red. The person feared that he had lost a lot of blood. With great difficulty he reached home and lay down. His family asked — ’What happened?' In a very weak voice he said, ‘I lost so much blood today that I have become weak.’ The doctor examined him and said — ’Your pulse and blood pressure are normal. There is no ailment.’ The person shared his concern — ’I feel so frail that I cannot take a single step and you are saying that I am not sick.’ While they were having this conversation, his child woke up and started to search for something.

Child- ‘Where is my pot?’

Father - ’Which pot?’

‘The one that I had kept to play holi.’

’Where did you keep it?’

'Under the bed’

‘Did it have color in it?’ — The sick person asked in surprise and sat up instantly.

’Yes, red color.’

‘Oh, and I thought it was my blood’

Instantly the man got up and was healthy again.

Doubt kills a person and belief keeps him alive and aware. Self-belief is a powerful medicine.

As long as he was in doubt that he had lost a lot of blood, he kept thinking that he was weak when this doubt was invalidated, and it was confirmed that it was not blood but colour, the person became healthy immediately. Doubt kills a person and belief keeps him alive and aware. Self-belief is a powerful medicine.

These shlokas and prayers develop self-belief, increase faith and willpower. The person who has strong belief, faith and will power can overcome all problems. Those who have doubt cannot succeed. A very important statement has been made - do not believe in miracles, do not be surprised with transformation; know the principle behind them. Those who understand the law of transformation can change themselves into what they desire. Acharya Maantung has discussed the principle of transformation in these shlokas. This principle that shows the way to get rid of bondages and problems helps in developing unprecedented self-belief.


Title:  Bhaktambar Stotra
Author:  Acharya Mahapragna
Publisher:  Adarsh Sahitya Sangh
Digital Publishing: 
Amit Kumar Jain

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