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Jeevan Vigyan - 8: Lesson-24 : Diet Sense

Published: 13.10.2018


To answer this question, we should keep the following in mind. We should eat such food:

  • Which gets digested soon;
  • Which maintains the right body weight;
  • Which gives us all the energy we need;
  • Which gives agility to the body, coolness to the temper and happiness to the mind and
  • Which makes us look beautiful and gives a glow to our skin


To answer this question, we must consider the following:

  1. The food should not comprise of excessive salts and fried things.
  2. It should not contain excessive chillies and spices.
  3. It should not consist of stale, smelly articles.
  4. Over-ripe or decomposed fruits should not be taken.
  5. Sour curd or yoghurt or old dry fruits (meva) should also be avoided.
  6. Excessive consumption of hot drinks must be avoided (which includes milk and tea).

Now we will proceed in stages to discuss the changes to be effected in our diet so as to regulate it according to our body needs. We will also consider the suggestion propounded by the present day dieticians to improvise the same.


We should gradually drop all such food items from out diet that contain chemical preservatives, colour and essence. Consumption of sugar in all forms should be reduced. It is better to use jaggery (gur) and honey in place of sugar. The flour used for making chapattis should not be sieved. Maida and fried food stuff should be avoided. Natural salt is better than chemical salt. People who eat non-vegetarian food should try to give it up. If they cannot do so altogether, they should try to reduce the quantity of non-vegetarian food from their diet gradually.


Reduce the use of black pepper, chillies and other harmful spices. Jeera, turmeric (Haldi), and coriander (Dhania) are health-giving spices. Milk, fruit juice and fresh seasonal fruits are conductive to health and give energy.


By increasing the contents of grain, dry fruits, kennelled fruit, vegetables, salad and curd in regulated quantity in our food, we obtain a nourishing diet. We should have germinated grains, milk and fruit for breakfast. Those who habitually take non-vegetarian food, must try to abstain from it completely.

Now we may turn to certain other mannerism related to the process of intake of food and drinks:


  1. For the purpose of dining, we should select a location which is clean and free from undesirable odours.
  2. Hands must be washed with soap or such other cleaning agent; mouth should be cleaned of course; the required utensils must also be cleaned.
  3. While eating, we must maintain a pleasing disposition. Food taken in the circumstances generating anger or excitement effect the wholesomeness of the effect of food on our body.
  4. Try to concentrate on food that you are taking. Do not let your thoughts go astray.
  5. It is most essential to chew up each morsel of food well before swallowing it. Give the solids in morsels a liquid shape by means of adequate chewing before swallowing it. Liquids also should not be taken straight. Allow the saliva to get mixed with it and then drink it.
  6. Avoid having a full stomach. Always eat a little less food than you really need. Chewing well will give you lot of satisfaction. Chewing leads to saliva secretions which help in digesting the food well.
  7. Those who drink water while eating, indicates that they are not accustomed to chewing up their morsels adequately. Water should not be taken during meals. It is more beneficial to drink some water after half an hour or more.
  8. It is beneficial not to eat anything at least for 3 hours after meal.

Appetite and sound sleep are most important for leading a healthy life. A good appetite and the capacity for sound sleep are like crossing the threshold of the depths of human mind. When these two are suitably enjoyed, man becomes ready to embark upon a spiritual life. His life becomes full of pleasure and delight. Today's man is leading a so called advanced life but he is losing his appetite and sleep in the converse ratio. He is going away from a life promising him happiness.


    1. What are the dos and don't s in respect of food?
    2. If your diet is not sensible, how will you improve upon it?
    3. Discuss the guidelines related to eating.
Title: Jeevan Vigyan - 8

Muni Kishan lal

Dr. Shiv Kumar Sharma

Shubh Karan Surana

Editor: Muni Dhamendra Kumar
Publisher: Jeevan Vigyan Academy
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain

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