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Jeevan Vigyan - 8: Lesson-10 : Jannu Shirasana

Published: 29.09.2018

The word JANU means knees. While performing this asana, head is placed on the knees. That is why this asana is called JANU SHIRASANA. This asana is also known as MAHAMUDRASANA. Let us learn the procedure of performing this asana.


    1. Sit straight and spread both the legs in front of your.
    2. Keeping the right leg straight, bend the left leg on the knee, heel touching the Vajra Nadi anus, sole and fingers touching the inner side ofthe right thigh.
    3. Inhale and take both hands straight up.
    4. While exhaling slowly, bend forward and catch the big toe of the right foot with both hands. Now try to touch the right knee with the nose or head.

      NOTE: To be able to perform this asana, you have to practice it extensively making your body muscles supple and flexible. After a few day's practice, you would be able to acquire the ability to perform the asana. Do not rush thing up. You should be able to come to this stage after five or six days' exercise. This is the final position of the Janu Shirasana.

    5. Return to the original position while inhaling slowly.
    6. Keeping the left leg straight, try to touch the left knee with nose or head.

This asana should be performed on both sides alternately. One can perform the asana on one side 3 times. But then one must perform it on the other side also to maintain balance.


Practice of Janu Shirasana has good effects on the spinal region, its muscles and nervous systems. It eases the movements to knees also.


The spine become flexible. Muscles and nerves are revitalized. This asana is very beneficial for the patients of diabetes. It cures the disorders ofliver and intestines. Digestion improves. Obesity is reduced. Belly-bulging stops altogether. It also regulates the function ofbladder, stomach and lungs. The entire body becomes symmetrically robust. This asana is specially suitable in the penance (sadhana) of the BRAHMACHARYA.


    1. Describe the procedure of performing Janu Shirasana?
    2. Describe the advantages of Janu Shirasana?
Title: Jeevan Vigyan - 8

Muni Kishan lal

Dr. Shiv Kumar Sharma

Shubh Karan Surana

Editor: Muni Dhamendra Kumar
Publisher: Jeevan Vigyan Academy
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain

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