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Jeevan Vigyan - 8: Ashirwachan (Blessings)

Published: 13.09.2018

Education  is an inseparable element connected with human civilization and  culture. The sole purpose of education is formation of human  character and personality. In the field of educational  experimentation, Jeevan Vigyan is the most original one. Jeevan  Vigyan depends more on practical rather than the theoretical aspect  of education because of its inherent features. No doubt the students  are taught in the system also, but more attention is paid to  experimentation in the practical education as well as reversionary  assimilation by the student himself. The concept of JEEVAN VIGYAN has  been visualized keeping in mind various problems being faced in the  field of education.

A  system of education that does not cater to the development of  character and enhancement of human quality would be incomplete in  itself. The greater problem of present times is that of deterioration  of human life and its values. In spite of tremendous progress in  areas of science and technology, deterioration of human values is a  cause of great concern. Unless these values are enshrined in the mind  of each student, he cannot develop his character in an all-round  manner. This fact has been kept in view while formulating the new  syllabus of JEEVAN VIGYAN. Acharya Mahaprajna has been associated  with the basic research of this system for long. Shri Jagannath Singh  Mehta. Chairman, Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education has been  evincing keep interest in this endeavour from the very beginning. He  has been actively associated with its implementation in schools.

In  the initial stage, an introductory training was imparted to a small  group of teachers. Results of this experiment have been quite  encouraging. Thereafter, more training camps were arranged. In these  camps teachers and educationist of various distinct of Rajasthan  participated. These people felt that the syllabus of JEEVAN VIGYAN  may be given a final shape then the same could be academically  implemented in a regular manner.

Keeping  this prerequisite in view a seminar was arranged in Bhilwara in order  to formulate a syllabus based on its creative thoughtfulness. Several  Writers and authors were entrusted with the responsibility of  preparing text-books. This book, prescribed for class VIII has been  the result of joint endeavour of Muni Kishanlal. Dr. Shiv Kumar  Sharma and Shri Shubh Karan Surana. Their dedication to this great  task has been exemplary. Intense labour in preparation of this book  will be amply rewarded in case the book serves as beacon light for  development of character and personality of the students. The  important element of practical education has been incorporated in  this book, which should free the students from the burden of other  bookish knowledge. It is our cherished belief that the teachers  associated with this system of education would also preserve the  originality of this concept by giving due significance to various  experiments and revisions based on assimilation of students.

(Gurudev)  Tulsi

Anuvrat  Bhavan New Delhi.

Title: Jeevan Vigyan - 8

Muni Kishan lal

Dr. Shiv Kumar Sharma

Shubh Karan Surana

Editor: Muni Dhamendra Kumar
Publisher: Jeevan Vigyan Academy
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain

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