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Jeevan Vigyan - 8: Lesson-26 : Deliverance From Addiction (De-Addiction)

Published: 15.10.2018

This body has been gifted to man for the purpose of spiritual development. But he does not understand this simple truth. He is afraid of death. But he indulges in so many such activities that take him closer to death. Drinking, smoking and taking various narcotics are some of them.

Nowadays it has become fashionable to drink, smoke and take intoxicating drugs. Often a person is forced to take harmful things lest he should be ridiculed by the so called cultured people. Gradually, he gets addicted to these vices.

These days market is flooded with intoxicating drugs. People take these drugs to relieve their tension. But it is vicious circle. This happiness is short lived. Very soon they get addicted to these drugs and find it impossible to live without them.

These narcotic elements cause many diseases. They badly affect the nervous system and muscles. Man cannot distinguish between the right and wrong. He becomes irritable and gets unduly tense. His criminal tendencies also increase.

Many times, the addicted person, on being advised not to use narcotic drugs, resolves to do so. He repeats his resolution many times but just when the time to do so actually arrives, his resolve disappears. He begins to use narcotics again under the influence of some seemingly unseen power. Advise to give up drugs touches him only on surface. It does not have any effect.

Psychologists are of the opinion that behind the mind of man, there is another "internal mind". On this INTERNAL MIND, reflections of our mind keep on emerging. Behind this internal mind, there is another mind of abstract nature, inclinations and tendencies which keep on agitating the internal mind as well as the mind itself. It is, therefore, considered essential that the impressions of mind, internal mind, the abstract mind, inclinations and tendencies should be amalgamated.

For the purpose of this amalgamation, Kayotsarg may be exercised under the supervision of an experienced Teacher. Under the influence of this exercise, the affected person looks at himself, his body, his mind and his emotions. Under the influence of Kayotsarg, he suggests to himself certain ideas which he considers important. He tries to bring his mind under the influence of emotions.

In the context of sleep, nine stages of Kayotsarg have already been specified. But if a person wants to free one-self from addiction, he should examine his reflection of mind and emotions while he is at the 6th stage of sleep of the Kayotsarg procedure. He should try to gauge the depth of his mind and internal mind and suggest to himself to abstain from using narcotics and intoxicants.

In the 7th stage of KAYOTSARG, while exhaling, he should imagine that he is becoming free from the addiction. The actions of 6th and 7th stages are to be repeated at least 15 times, for at least 15 days.

There is another experimental exercise known as the Experiment of Determination (Sankalpa Prayog), to eradicate intoxication:


    1. Assume the position of SUKHASANA.
    2. Keep the spine straight.
    3. Place your left palm firmly on the navel.
    4. Place the right hand about 3" above the knee. Keep the fingers straight.
    5. Continue to inhale and exhale deeply. Every inhalation will activate the navel. Now imagine that flow of energy is surging towards the thumb, fingers and left hand.
    6. While feeling this flow of energy, try to imagine the reflection of your own face.
    7. In the reflection of face, concentrate on the DARSHAN KENDRA the centre between the eyebrows and imagine that your hand is now touching your forehead.
    8. No sooner you feel the touch on the forehead, then the mind enters the Inner World (Antarctica).
    9. Suggest to yourself the freedom from addiction.

This way, accepting the auto-suggestion, a person can free himself from addiction. In order to fortify this determination, this Sankalpa Prayog may be repeated in 5 sittings.

For a student of Jeevan Vigyan it is imperative to keep his diet balanced, enjoy a sound sleep and be free from addictions.


    1. What are the harmful effects of addiction and intoxicants?
    2. What is the importance of Kayotsarg and Determination for obtaining freedom from addiction?
    3. Describe the Experiment of Determination (Sankalpa Prayog).
Title: Jeevan Vigyan - 8

Muni Kishan lal

Dr. Shiv Kumar Sharma

Shubh Karan Surana

Editor: Muni Dhamendra Kumar
Publisher: Jeevan Vigyan Academy
Digital Publishing:
Amit Kumar Jain

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