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The Quest For Truth: [08.04.01] The Path Of Sadhana - Vital Breath (Oxygen) (1)

Published: 20.04.2007
Updated: 06.08.2008

The body experiences vibrations. The lungs purify the blood. The heart pumps it and then it is circulated through the entire body. If impure blood goes into the arteries then problems arise. It gives rise to dullness and lethargy. Pure blood gives strength to the body. It increases the capacity to work. The heart's job is to pump the blood, not to clean it. The lungs clean it. The blood circulates and in it a lot of impurities get mixed. The lungs remove the impurities and make it pure again. The lungs sieve the blood with the help of the vital energy. It removes the carbon-dioxide in the blood. As they reach the lungs the blood becomes blue. But after cleaning it regains its original colour. If the lungs get enough vital energy the blood is completely purified and if not then it is not completely purified.

We do not know how to get maximum vital energy. We do not know how to take a full breath. It seems odd to say we do not know how to breathe. If we say we do not know the hidden secret, then it seems understandable. But if we say that we do not know such a simple thing as breathing it seems to be a statement made either in arrogance or to hurt others. Breathing is a natural process. An infant begins breathing. This is because of the autonomous nervous system. It is not necessary to be tutored in this. Everyone breathes, literate or illiterate. Generally we breathe fifteen to twenty times in one minute. Every man breathes in about twenty one thousand times a day. If we take deep breaths, this number may be significantly affected. The breath has a close relationship with vital energy. The one who takes fewer breaths lives longer. The one who breaths more number of times lives a shorter life. Scientific research has shown that the one who takes only four to five breaths per minute lives up to one hundred and fifty or two hundred years. The one who breathes ten to twelve times a minute lives up to the age of one hundred and twenty five or at least hundred years. The one who breathes fifteen or sixteen times a minute lives up to the age of eighty. As long as the breath is so much more vital energy will be enhanced. The lungs will get that much more to clean the blood. If we could take only one or two breaths a minute then seventy million cells of the respiratory system including the lungs would be cleaned up completely. The science of yoga draws attention first and foremost to the fact that our breathing should be long and deep. Long breathing not only helps purify the blood it also helps bring mental peace.

The common question is that the mind does not rest anywhere, how to make it rest? As soon as we try to focus the mind on something, it runs away. To stop the mind is to follow the principle of prohibition. When anything is prohibited, it seems more desirable. If you tell a child not to go out, he will definitely feel like going out. Ratnadevi told Jinrakshit and Jinpal, "I am going out. If you get bored being alone, go out. To the east is a beautiful garden. Fruits of all seasons, salubrious breeze and enchanting environs will be yours. Enjoy yourself there. If you wish, go towards the garden to the west or to the one towards the north. They too are very beautiful. But remember never to go to the garden that lies south. You will get into trouble if you go there. It is very dangerous."

So saying Ratnadevi left. Jinpal and Jinrakshit were not excited with the idea of going east, west or north.

And yet according to the instructions they went to all three. Their mind was however itching to go south. A warning came to their mind that it may be dangerous going there. But again the mind wondered why not just go there and see what the danger is. As they kept roaming around their mind also roamed. If they roamed in the eastern garden their mind was in the southern one. If they roamed about in the western garden, their mind was still in the southern one. If they roamed around in the northern garden, their mind was still in the southern one. This is a truth in psychology that when you prohibit you increase the attraction towards it.

  • The Quest For Truth: In the context of Anekanta by Acharya Mahaprajna
  • Edited by Muni Dulahraj
  • Translated by Sudhamahi Regunathan
  • under the guidance of Revered Munishree Mahendra Kumar.
  • Published 2003 by Jain Vishva Bharati Institute (Deemed University), Ladnun, Rajasthan, India

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