Mahavira's Scripture Of Health ► 05 ► [05.09] Who Is Ill? - Adyavasaya And Health

Posted: 24.04.2007

We can formulate a role that the extent to which there is subsidence of a person's kashaya-chakra, he would be less liable to catch a disease. The extent to which his kashaya chakra has a dominating influence, he would be more susceptible to diseases. We have witnessed and heard about many incidents in which the powerful kashaya-chakra has destroyed the person concerned.

A young man's body was affected by a terrible rage to such an extent that he died at the age of forty years within a couple of hours. Why did it happen?

Let us remember Mahavira's one word in this context adhyavasana (emotional impulses). One of the causes of a disease is the adhyavasana. How is a person's subtle consciousness? How is his inner consciousness, not the consciousness of the brain? If the adhyavasana is auspicious, that is, if the emotional impulses are under control, one would be in good state of health. In a contrary situation, one's state of health also would not be good. If the inauspicious adhyavasana remains inside, the disease would have a chance of self-aggravating. In that state, a person is easily affected by the diseases. If the adhyavasana is auspicious, whatever the season, whether winter or summer, or monsoon, or no matter what germs or bacteria are in the air, they would not be able to strongly attack the body.

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