Pristine Jainism ► Samyaktva (Rationality) ► Abysmal Degeneration

Posted: 14.05.2012

There is so much degeneration because of rituals that the ritualist Jains even justify their violent actions of killing insects while dancing before idols and doing Arties, burning open lamps and incense by asserting that the insects thus killed will be benefitted because of death in temples. This is the height of irrational arguments and insolence. Jains by and large are so much entangled in the whirlpool of rituals that they have almost drifted away from the fundamental vows and code of conduct and even do not know about them. Usual scenes at Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra, Shri Mahaveerji are most revealing. It is the most frequented pilgrimage by Jains not only from all over India but from the world over. Pilgrims perform rituals only for ritual's sake and beg material things from deity though forbidden in Jainism and without any concern or commitments to teachings of Tirthankar Mahaveer. Most people do not take good, hygienic breakfast and meals at restaurants run by the management though at highly subsidised rates but prefer at market places at double the rates late at night to satisfy the lust of tongue (Rasna Indriya). Disciplined way of life is the main sermon of Jainism but pilgrims behave in most undisciplined manner, spreading garbage not at specified places but all over, in rooms, paths, varandas, spit pan and gutkha on walls, floors of rooms and even in temple premises. Empty wine bottles are frequently found in rooms. Many couples come just for honeymoon. Pilgrims lose temper (Anantanubandhi Krodh), abuse and fight with workers on the slightest pretexts. The conduct and life style of pilgrims at Shri Mahaveerji mirrors the state of affairs in Jain Society as a whole.

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