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Posted: 03.06.2012

According to Jainism the universe is without beginning and without end. The six substance of the universe Jiva (Soul), Pudgal (Matter), Akash (Space), Dharma (substance helping motion), Adharma (substance helping in stay) and Kala (Time) act, interact, react, change in various forms (as water in solid, liquid and gas) and this brings about retrogressive and progressive manifestations in space-time-continuum. Modern astrophysics also supports evolution. In astrophysics also there are two schools of thought, one subscribing to big bang theory and other to the stable state with cyclic change theory. Renowned astronomer Fred Hoyle who coined the term „Big Bang" never accepted the theory for the origin of universe and stuck to his belief in steady state universe. Even the big bang theory envisages contraction to utmost density resulting in explosion (big-bang) and subsequent expansion. This explains exploding of extremely condensed matter (black holes) rebirth of stars, planets, expansion, eventual extinction, then condensation again explosion, rebirth and so on. Jainism explains it vividly and logically:

॥ उत्पाद व्यय ध्रौव्य युक्त सत्॥30॥

[Tattvartha Sutra, Chapter V]

[Substances are indestructible (ध्रौव्य) but change giving birth to new and new forms (उत्पाद), extinguishing older forms (व्यय)]

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