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Posted: 13.01.2008

Pudgala - Classification

(C) Three Types

The pudgala can be classified into three types in respect of the cause of transformation viz.

    1. prayoga-parinata
    2. misra-parinata
    3. visrasa parinata

  1. The pudgala which is taken in and transformed by jiva is pudgala-jiva-prayoga-parinata. Bodies of all categories of living beings and those which are being transformed by their vital processes are instances of this class.
  2. The pudgala which was associated with jiva in the past, but is now abandoned by it, and therefore, is no longer being transformed by the agency of vital processes, mentioned above but undergoes auto-transformation is misra (mixed)-parinata. Shoe-leather is an instance of this class. Transformation, which is partly under the influence of jiva and partly auto-transformation, is also misra-parinata.
  3. Matter which undergoes auto-transformation i.e. which has no interaction with jiva is visrasa-parinata. Clouds, rainbow, meteors, etc. are instances of this class. [Radio-active substances are also the instances of this class.]

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