Microcosmology: Atom In Jain Philosophy & Modern Science ► 03 ► [3.2.5] A Critique - Pudgala : Attributes - C) Some Other Important Qualities

Posted: 06.03.2008

We had discussed the Jain view about some other important qualities of physical substance (pudgala). We shall compare them here with the corresponding scientific concepts.

That, mass/matter is nothing but a form of energy, that is, both matter and energy are but two modifications of a single principle, has been only recently realized. Jain physics has identified all forms of matter and energy as modifications of the same substance - pudgala.

Intra-convertibility of various forms of energy - mechanical into electrical, electrical into heat, light, sound etc., - which is the basis of modern technology, has been recognized by Jain philosophers as the basic attributes of pudga, since all forms of energy are fundamentally the modifications of the same substance.

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